How to disable automatic updates to OSMC

How do I do that? Google search and search on the forum doesn’t show any results.

Is it really that hard to find?

If only there was a wiki for OSMC.
Oh, wait… there is totally an OSMC wiki.

Your question is explained in the OSMC Wiki. Have a look at This should be your first port of call for OSMC help. If you feel something is missing, feel free to edit it or tell us how we can improve it.

@Bmvik lets get a little bit serious here since the fine moderators here like to point out that the wiki exists now you know that so my question is why disable it ?

planning to do it manual or not updating at all ?

Yes, yes it is hard to find.

@Bmvik you didnt answer my question

Planning to not update at all. I have a hunch an update broke something in USB settings. Everything was fine until a few updates happened. My other topic in this Help section is about that issue. No bluetooth or wireless

The drawback of not updating is that you wont receive newer versions of Kodi in version 17 there is gonna be alot of cool new features with retrogaming a totally new video player etc.

now looking at that log you supplied in your other thread it looks like your psu is a bit underr thats why your having issues remember the more stuff you addon too your rpi the more power its gonna need and if the power supply cant handle it it then it might be a good idea to get a new one that can thats the flaw if the raspberry psu and sd cards these two needs to be replaced time to time since there is wear and tear.

now with that said you can manually update every third month instead of every update thats one way to go about it simple with just a simple update script

sudo apt-get update && sudo dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo apt-get autoclean

and set that to a cronjob or run it manually ever other month or so when you see that complaints arent that high on updates cause opting out totally would be a crying shame since new Kodi features will certainly change the landscape of what a mediacenter can or cant do in the near future :slightly_smiling: and my guess that @sam_nazarko will throw in a couple of nifty new features into OSMC also during this time.

however i get the angst over updating but i really dont see why not updating at all cause a stagnate system is a dead system.

Hi @Toast when you say PSU - do you mean onboard component of rpi? I got this rpi 3-4 months ago.

If you mean power adapter - I have this one rated 5V 2.5A

power adapter = psu :slight_smile:

Would you say mine is not powerful enough?

I agree with the OP. The wiki talks about how to keep up-to-date, not how to block updates.

I like to update on my own terms, not have updates pushed to me at bad times. I have several devices deployed to end users who are not savvy and I would get calls about their systems becoming broken when they turned it off at the wrong time (during an update, etc). I also hate turning on the device to watch something and going into a wait-cycle while a long update is applied. I generally will test an update on one of my units and then invoke updates on all the others.

I always had updates blocked, but it seems like the setting can get reset after an update? I did updates at the start of the month (so March update?) by going to “update now”. Now all the devices are trying to update on their own (when the April update was released, the devices started downloading and applying the update despite the setting being not to). formal Wiki entry advising how to properly block updates would be appreciated.

If you disable updates, they will not turn themselves back on and OSMC does not have the capability to automatically update systems.

I also had trouble finding a solution for this, and this thread was the top search in my Google search, so I’ll share my solution. Rather than going into the regular Kodi settings, go to Programs/Settings > My OSMC > Updates (note: I’m using the Confluence skin). Under Schedule, set the update checker to Never, and under Update Settings, you can choose “Do not show icon on home screen” if you want to remove the update icon in the lower left corner of the home screen.

I run a highly customized configuration that breaks very easily with updates, to the point that I don’t even want to be notified when there are updates. Most users should probably stick with the updates for security and functionality purposes.

How have you customised this? OSMC is very tolerant to user changes.