How to enable 576i on vero 4k

Hi all another problem here, I managed to get 576 output from the vero 4k when playing a 576 file but it is not as it should be 576i rather I am getting 576p I have turnd of all the acelaration features in the vero, sellected deinterlace off in the menu that shows when the file is playing from the tool bar. rebooted but still I get 576p. this gives a tearing effect on the video playback. This does not happen with my oppo 203 when source direct is selected I get 576i and no tearing. since my AVR and Tv pass the 576i signal just fine I guess it is a setting in the vero that is wrong or yet anothe bug that needs sorting

Any advice would be helpfull

PS dont want to seem like I am knocking the vero or bigging up the oppo but it does look like the oppo is way ahead in file playback without trying to change the format. It is easy really less is better in most things and that is the case here. just allow the file to pass as it is

480i/576i is still a work in progress.

HI thanks for your quick reply. If you got a moment can you explain why all media players mess around with upscaling rather than passing the raw file

how about if i put elec on my vero will i get 576i then

I suspect not, as CE for S905/S912 devices uses an OSMC kernel.

You can of course try.

Can you write that in english please I have no idea what that is

What is the problem with 576i and I suspect 480i support. There seems no problem in supporting a whole load of upcale modes that can be done just as well or better by a tv or upscaler. so why is 576i “a work in progress” your words



Thanks for that now I need a translation for “S905/S912 devices”

In addition an answer to the rest of my last post would be nice. I have asked the question 3 times now on this board. still awaiting an answer.

Thinking about it the saying “Putting the cart before the horse” comes to mind. The thinking of whoever thought up Vero (and other players) looks like it was hey lets put in all the upscaling, app support, fancy file indexing with pictures (that only works for films and Tv shows) and any other “stuff” we can think of before we get simple no frills file playback right (if ever)

I just look at the sales pitch for the 4k+ " With support for all major formats," it should read

With support for all major formats*,
*interlaced video and some 24/23.976fps files are not supported rather they will be upconverted to 60fps

Problem is the player does not look quite as good then does it

The line " Vero 4K + : ready to handle anything you throw at it"
now that is really pushing it

The Amlogic S905 and S912 are the “systems-on-a-chip” that are at the heart of a number of media players. The Vero 4K+, for example, uses the S905D variant. Media players using AmLogic SoCs are the target platform for CoreELEC.

First I’ve heard of some 24/23.976fps files not being supported. Can you be be more specific?

As it happens, that’s what a lot of people want, rather than the absolute best quality. It certainly seems to be Kodi’s focus and OSMC is based on Kodi. Kodi also has to deal with scaling for a windowed environment on devices where the desktop is never going to be interlaced. Surprisingly, perhaps, getting interlaced video ‘passed through’ for both software and hardware decoding is not trivial but it’s something OSMC would like to offer the option to do. Hence ‘work in progress’.

I can’t speak for any other media players.

a 1280x720 file will be output at 60fps

Well a seller in China has got a very nice trade going selling a media player that is based around the oppo os. it sells for rather more than your 4k and does not have all your “addons” so maybe there is a market for “the absolute best quality”

What makes you think Kodi is the last word for player software it clearly has problems trying to be all things to all men.

It is a very poor show to have the option shown in video playback in your box to choose no deinterlace and then find it does not work.

So to sum things up at the moment your vero 4k gives no better picture than any other box using the same SoC most of the other players cost rather less than your vero 4k. That is not how your website reads. It leads me and others to think your player is a cut above it is clealy not since you choose to use a player software that thinks a weather app is more important than correct video playback. nice work

The Oppo 203 isn’t the last word in picture quality unfortunately - poor chroma upsampling among many issues. I understand getting 576i would be nice, especially for those with processors such as Lumagens but at some point some device has to convert interlaced to progressive for it to be displayed and 576i isn’t going to be the best image quality to start with so I’m not sure how big a difference you would notice between the Vero deinterlacing compared to the best processor.

" at some point some device has to convert interlaced to progressive for it to be displayed"
That is very true but both Lumagens and many modern Tvs do a MUCH better job than vero manages to do

“getting 576i would be nice” wow you are kind to vero do you work for them, 576i is very important to get the best picture out of any player

I have a number of railway videos shot at 576i If I play them from an Oppo 203 set to source direct and feed the signal into my Sony AF9 tv the videos look great. If I use the Vero then it sends at best 576p to the Tv so as trains move across the picture there are a LOT of jagged lines on the moving part of the picture. So sorry I think you are wrong the Vero is rubbish at de-interlacing. Somthing is very wrong with the vero software why else would it give an option to turn deinterlace off in a menu then still output 576p. as to the rest of the vero upscaling 576 to 1080 or 4k forget it the 576 pictures look soft and lacking detail and have a tendency to stutter as trains move across the picture. to be fair the oppo also looks bad (not as bad as vero) if anything other than source direct is used.

Vero were very good at hyping up the player 10/10 for that but is just as poor as many other players that cost far less it would seem. keep working on weather, picture poster apps leave a good picture to another day seems to be the line of thinking sadly

Maybe the way forward for vero would be to not worry about pointless apps, and Kodi and contact Mediatek they made the chip that Oppo and now Pioneer use work with them to make a real media player and at the same time talk to Dolby as Dolby Vision is gaining ground all the time and a good media player should support it as well at Atmos and all the types of DTS

I own a Lumagen RadiancePro, and its deinterlacing quality is absolutely shocking - the Vero 4K+ does a far better job on video material. (Lumagen is okay for film).

Did you try turning off hardware acceleration, incidentally? That may help.

I must confess, @anon23072341, I’m confused about what it is you hope to achieve in this thread.

The OSMC guys have explained that achieving pass-through of 480i and 576i video is a lot harder than it looks; but they’ve also also made it clear that 480i and 576i output is a feature that will be added in the future.

You’ve complained about the lack of 1280p/24 output, but what media player is capable of that? The Oppo 203 certainly isn’t. (I own one of those, too). You can, if you wish, manually set the output to 1080p/24 or 2160p/24.

The Oppo-203-knock-off media player that you mention is certainly capable of doing some things that the Vero 4K+ can’t, but the reverse is also true: you can’t ask the pseudo-Oppo to play YouTube videos, or to give you a list of all the films you own that star a particular actor, or to control Phillips Hue lighting, or to play things on BBC iPlayer - and there are countless other features I could have picked. The pseudo-Oppo also costs three times the price of the Vero, uses illegally-produced firmware, and has frequent quality-control issues - something like 10% of them have a hardware fault. And, since Oppo isn’t going to keep on producing firmware for a discontinued blu ray player for much longer, you can’t expect much in the way of future support or bug-fixes.

Maybe none of that matters to you, in which case, that’s fine: put your Vero 4K+ on eBay, and buy an Oppo-knock-off instead. No one here is stopping you from doing that.

So, again, I have to ask: what, in your mind, is this thread going to achieve? Are you simply blowing off steam? Do you expect the OSMC guys to say “My God, you’re right! Our product is terrible! We’ll stop selling it!” Are you after a refund? What do you imagine is going to happen as a result of all this vitriol?


I would hope that rather then "play YouTube videos, or to give you a list of all the films you own that star a particular actor, or to control Phillips Hue lighting, or to play things on BBC iPlayer " the vero guys would make the vero work as a proper media player

You are right the oppo does not do 1280x720 my bad it sends it as 1080 BUT it does not change the frame rate unlike Vero that makes it 60fps

“Did you try turning off hardware acceleration, incidentally?” yes still give 576p and still has the option to turn deinterlace off - that does not work

" 480i and 576i output is a feature that will be added in the future." - if that is so removing the option in a menu to have what does not work offered would maybe not cause so much wasted time in trying make work what as of now cannot

“I have to ask: what, in your mind, is this thread going to acheve”
Hopfully nudge who ever into action and give the support they claim to offer

Nobody says there wasn’t. You are welcome to spend £000s trying to get that but the HiFi market over the last century has shown that there’s no such thing as perfect, there’s just different shades of good.

Go ahead and get an oppo knock-off. And good luck with having a one-to-one with the designer when you find something that doesn’t work how you expected.

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Very true but not supporting a video format correctly is rather like a Hi-fi tuner that does not support EU FM de-emphasis but only support US FM de-emphasis and trys to get round the problem in a way that sounds poor. That is not a shade of good that is an error and should never have slipped out

AFAIK the new Pioneer players have network play support and do passthrough so it can be done by someone other than Oppo

Or maybe have 2 versions of firmare for you vero box one with all the addons for those that want them and a second with all the chaff taken out . If you did not worry about window displays, and all the rest it might make the job of pass through easer to do

No. Bad analogy. We do support deinterlaced video. The deinterlacing algo may not be as good as other devices. I’ve never noticed any problems with what I watch so unless people can offer clips clearly demonstrating the problem it might be difficult to correct. Vero never advertised being able to pass through deinterlaced material to another device. It’s just buried in the video context menu because other devices using Kodi may be able to do it.

So you want a clip of my video. I can do that for you where do you want it sending.

This was what I hoped my post would do get some action and replys I waited days and nobody told me why vero was so fixated on upscaling now I know.

So it is not a Kodi problem some players might well suupport it rather it is a vero problem .

Thats ok but takes us back to the issue of apps over picture

Sam can give you a link to the OSMC server if you don’t have a dropbox/Google drive etc account.