How to get OSMC boot image file

I’d like to get the image file shown on Raspberry Pi while its booting into XBMC to use it for promotional material for an Instructables tutorial I’m working on.

Is there a file somewhere on the website or on forum?

Possibly, it would be a good idea to have a Brand section on the website with such resources available to public.

Well, that’s a nice hint, but not entirely helpful to me :frowning:

The images in assets folder all seem to be obsolete, at least when compared to OSMC RC startup/installer screen.

Well, I had to clone the repo to be able to search for image files quickly and recursively.
For anyone interested, the file I was looking for is this one:

(not quite in the root directory, is it? :wink:)

That file is under the assets/ directory.

What are you using the image for?


@sam_nazarko, you are right that there is a file named “install.png” in the assets directory, but those two files are not the same:

I was looking for the one I see on my TV when OSMC boots up (the one under installer directory) for reference in a tutorial I’m writing on (on how to enable BT A2DP on OSMC). I hope that falls under fair use and free promotion categories :wink:

Why would it be?

The file can be anywhere, it doesn’t matter.
As long as the the thing that needs it knows where to look.

However, seeing as the image is used for the the splash screen…

Here’s the tutorial with the OSMC boot picture:

I’m wondering if it would be possible for someone to share the splash screen image without the OSMC text on it?

I’d like to use the image as my Confluence background to give it a bit more of an OSMC flavour, but the version with the OSMC text in the middle doesn’t look right.

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Show us what you come up with



@ashtonaut jpg and png, I’ve emailed them to you as well :thumbsup:

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Will do. Many thanks Simon.

Here’s a screenshot - took me a little while how to work out how to do this from the command line:

kodi-send --action="TakeScreenshot"

I like it, though the left hand side is a bit too bright and doesn’t provide enough contrast for the text in the top left corner.

If I get a chance I’ll play with the levels and see if I can make a ‘bright’ area in the middle and darken the edges like the default Confluence background.

For reference, you can also take a screenshot by pressing CTRL-S on an attached keyboard.

Thanks for the tip. I don’t have an attached keyboard so command line is the easiest method for me.

I applied some tweaks to the image @simonbrunton provided, I think the result looks quite good:

For anyone who wants it, here’s my modified image:


How did you add OSMC to the System Menu?


Replace lines 190 and 191 in




Edit: Fixed tags.



If I’m following GitHub correctly, have you made this change official? I run a few skin customisations via startup scripts and I’ll remove this particular one if it is getting included as default now.