<How to install eduroam certificat on an Raspberry Pi on OSMC>

i have a problem to install my certificate on a Raspberry Pi where OSMC is installed.
I need to know how can i an edurom certificat directly with the Terminal.
I have tried many solutions but i still not get it run.
Thank you.

If you follow this thread (all the way down) you might get it solved

Thank you fzinken
is it possible to install directly a certificat with the Terminal (OSMC)
I already have my certicate and i just want to install it to make work the eduroam Wifi.

Sure you can install your certificate via terminal. I guess the thread I posted is explaining how to use it in connman

i have tried the Topics but i am not able to make the configurations .
How can i install the Certification Educert.p12" on OSMC ?
Should i first make a conversion of my Certificat ?
what should i do first. i m too confused.

Well I totally have no idea how Eduroam works, but if I google Educert.p12 I find the following:

openssl pkcs12 -in EduCert.p12 -out clcert.pem -clcerts
openssl pkcs12 -in EduCert.p12 -out key.pem -nocerts