How to set backup folder?

So I just installed RC3. I read about the new Backup and Restore feature and am interested in using it. Unfortunately, I am having some trouble with this.

The release notice says “We’ve added a Backup and Restore feature to My OSMC”

In the “updates” section of My OSMC, I can see some options to enable backup. If I try to run manually run backup, the system warns me that I have not set a backup folder, and should return to My OSMC to do so. I think I checked everywhere, but cannot seem to find where the backup folder is specified. Could someone please let me know?

This had been cleaned up in the latest version of the update module. Much more clear now. Also there was a big in the code which resulted in the backup file not being copied to the backup location (it stayed in the addon settings folder). again fixed in the newest version which should be available soon.

I was just going to start a new thread about that! I noticed last night that OSMC was just sat there copying the backup to the destination, it was still doing it this morning and nothing had appeared on the NAS.

Will I need to manually clear out the archive from the addon settings folder when this gets fixed?

Yes, but the temp files are held in /home/osmc/.kodi/temp not in the addon data folder.

A fix will hopefully be out later today.

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So this isn’t backing up the OSMC installation, but only the Kodi settings?


Will the fix include the ability to select SMB shares? I receive an error when trying to set the backup folder to SMB.

Did this get fixed? Wasn’t sure to give backup another go or not!

Not yet. Still testing and ironing out some bugs.

Let us know if you can help test though.

While integrated backup will be great, the kodi program add-on backup works well to a nfs share. I setup the VERO with all add-ons (paid pandora, paid ustvnow, ted talks), included the add-on data folder (and all other defaults), then created a snapshot. I backed up on a OSMC Pi B2 and a B+ → it retained my VERO skin OSMC layout, the add-on’s/credentials, and THAT PI config setting (codecs, overclocks, etc)!

Note that my skin gui is changed just as I like it. Far more simple (for us).
Videos/Genre Favourite shortcuts
Shows/Ted,UStvnow,TV Favourite shortcut
Music/Pandora, Music Favourite shortcut
Settings (moved all OSMC/POWER/Other items into this password protected catch-all).

So for now, the kodi backup works great for quick OSMC migrations to other platforms :smile:

If I can still help, why not!

At this point just wait for the release. But if you can help in the future I will see if someone can send you the details about how to switch to the testing repo.

The update with the fixed backup/restore function has been released, if you update you should get it now.

There is now an option to type in the network path manually (like you can when creating a source) if you are unable to use the browser. To provide a username and password you would need to type it in the path in normal URI format, for example:

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I don’t see an option to schedule backups, am I missing something or is it simply not there?

I would like the option to schedule backups once a week or so, instead of doing it manually or prior to an automatic update which as of now seem to be the only options.

Looks like scheduling was removed in the recent update. Also thought I saw an export library function, I was going to suggest xml only, as Pi’s will overwrite images with smaller resolution, but it’s gone now.

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question….

I want to save the backup to the same network share (NFS/SMB) on which my media resides.

I am able to browse this share using the zeroconfig browser in Kodi, but I cannot browse this share from the Updates section of MyOSMC. I have tried both NFS and SMB, but none of the NFS or SMB shares on my LAN are found.

What am I doing wrong?

Is this still an issue? I want to backup my OSMC configuration. If the auto-backup is not working, can you tell me what paths I need copy if I just want to backup everything by copying it over to some network share?

I tested it a couple weeks ago and it was working fine. Where on your network you store it isn’t much of an issue as long as you know how to get to it using a file path as outlined above…

Sorry, but Where exactly do I go in the UI to type in this network path? Is it My OSMC -> cloud icon? Just don’t see where I can specify the path.

My OSMC>Updates (cloud icon)>backups>location entry method>typed

Once you set that the setting below that changes to “click to type”

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