How to start my osmc?

I’m trying to enter this so called “my osmc” for two hours now…
Am I stupid and it is so obvious how to enter???
I cannot find any description how to to this, everyone just sayin’ “go to My OSMC”.

But HOW???

At the very first run I saw that, but now every time I reboot, always Kodi starts.


My OSMC is a shortcut to some sort of an addon in OSMC/Kodi. There is an app store there (which you can install samba) and also configure RPi (to overclock, etc).

It’s called OSMC Settings for me. It’s an addon in Kodi. I’ve made it a shortcut under programs because I’m using Confluence skin, not OSMC skin.

I’ve never seen anyone say this.

My OSMC was accessed via the Programs ‘tab’. On my machine it was the only entry. The Programs ‘tab’ is no longer there since the update.

So, is it still accessible? If so, how?

Add-on browser>My add-ons>program add-ons

Thank you. I see that not all options work, for example Network which is a killer for me as I ruin Static IP.

Something must be wrong on your system (only known section that has a problem which will be fixed in next update is mysql).

Which skin are you using?
Provide debug logs grab-logs -A

LOGS as requested.

Skin = Conluence as it is not disgustingly ugly. Sorry, personal preference.

I tested again more thoroughly and now all seem to be sort of working. Some actions took multiple clicks before it registered. The whole experience was intermittent/flaky.

I was using this controller that is generally stable and responsive giving a nice experience.

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