How to watch mkv's on an iPad, please?

Hello folks.

Please be very kind - I know this is probably a common question and this is my first time using a Pi.

I just got a Pi3 and installed OSMC on it.

I’m trying to find some tutorial’s/[HowTo]'s about setting a PI + OSMC with my mkv’s so the children can watch them on their IPads.

As proof that I’ve tried to find some answers :-

  1. When i googled for some answers, some people were saying that i need to have a DLNA server?? and some DLNA clients??? Is this something i need to … setup … on the ipads?
  2. With a PI3 are there limitations to the number of people watching an mkv on an ipad? ie. only 1 person can watch something at one time?
  3. Is it possible to have OSMC running on a pi3 … powered by USB … and have an external usb insterted into a spare usb slot (eg. the usb key has movies/tv shows on it…)
  4. With OSMC … does it auto discover movies/tv shows that are on a USB key? So if i plug that into the PI … and the children are on an ipad … they can ‘see’ the movies/tv shows and select what they want?

Again, please be kind.

Thank you kindly!


All of these functions are specifically dependant on functions provided by kodi. Osmc is simply the operating system designed to bring you kodi on the raspberry pi. Use Kodi as one of the key words in your search strings for Google. Also, kodi is already very well documented.

The info available in this wiki will be invaluable to you.


/me google kodi vs OSMC…


For those noobies like me googling this: Kodi is the media software we want to use. OSMC is a nice bootable OS which boots into Kodi. So think of it as a bootable-Kodi-OS :slight_smile:

Thanks @ActionA for not hating on me and helping. appreciate it, heaps.

Time to read up on your link :slight_smile:

If you want to use an ipad as a dlna client, be sure to have your movies’ audio in a format it can read.
Because of licensing bullshit, free ipad apps probably will not be able to play dolbydigital or dts soundtracks.
Android is better here and gives you the ability to decode those formats for free.

Heres a link to how i made it work:

Show OSMC content on iPad

Haven’t tried it with all the media formats out there but it have worked with all that i thrown at it.

Yes. There are paid apps that will play any content.

Isn’t there VLC being available on the IPad? Should play anything that you throw at it!

VLC? I know that program :slight_smile: I use that on our PC/Mac’s.

Anyone had any luck with that on an iPad and with OSMC / Kodi ?