HowTo Equalizer on OSMC

This is not the right section, however I cannot create a post in the HowTo due to access rights.

Upon the demand in the Kodi forum, I did create an add-on that installs pulseauido & pulseaudio-equalizer + PulseEqualizerGUI - add-on on OSMC without the need of command line. I’ve tested it on rpi 3b + OSMC (9/22) with kodi 19.4.

I have been using the Equalizer on a raspi 2B and 3B nearly two year, now, and it runs very stable. Since it is a fast convolving FIR equalizer, it consumes some cpu, ~25% of one core on 3B which is about 6% overall. The advantage of this setup is, it allows, beside normal graphical equalizing, digital room correction, which is a very nice feature, especially if you get the audio from your tv speakers.

I switched to OSMC quite recently, so I have no long term experience with it on this platform.

We’ll check it out – we’re not huge fans of PulseAudio – as it can cause problems.

Can you send a link to the posts that requested OSMC support?



here and here are the latest.

I admit that the additional 5% extra cpu load can cause problems, mainly if there is video deconding in SW and not in HW, otherwise pulseaudio is working very well and stable. As said, I use it quite a time on the raspberry right now. And an equalizer can boost the audio experience quite a lot.

There is also an uninstall script included, if one likes to revert to previous setup.

Regarding this, please see the following…