[HowTo] Reassigning keypresses for Mele F10 (and probably other RF remotes)

This is guide for re-assigning keypresses for the Mele F10 Deluxe edition - i’m guessing it will work just as fine for other F10 remotes including other brands

Start by installing GIT

sudo apt-get install git-all

then install g++

sudo apt-get install g++

Then install make

sudo apt-get install make

Change dir to /home/osmc

cd /home/osmc

And now clone HID Linux mapper ( GitHub - Claudio-Sjo/HID_linux_xbmc_driver )

sudo git clone https://github.com/Claudio-Sjo/HID_linux_xbmc_driver.git

Change dir to the tool

cd /home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver

Run make to compile it, it takes some time, so grab a :coffee: together with some :cake:… or just coffee

sudo make

when make is done, run

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

and note your vendor and product number for your remote (mine was 1915 and 0196)

Now we are ready to find the codes you need to change the assignments for.
Now remember to change the manufacturer and product ID in the command below, so it matches your remote.


sudo ./hid_mapper --learn --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map ''

and start pressing keys on your remote, you should be seeing codes like:


Copy all the codes for your buttons and paste it into some temporary notepad sheet, together with a comment on which button has what code to be able to distinguish the keys later on

Now create a file in the same dir you downloaded HID mapper to, in this case we’ll name the file mele-f10.map

nano mele-f10.map

paste your codes into the list, together with what buttons the key needs to act for.
In my case, i only needed to reassign two buttons, so my list simply looks like this:


(those two are the home button and the button next to it with the three lines on it)

So now the tool knows if the code 014000 is received, it should act like a keypress for button C etc.

When you’re done putting in codes, run the script by typing the command below(remember to correct the dir, manufacturer and product id if yours is different)

sudo /home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver///hid_mapper --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map '/home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver/mele-f10.map'

Test it out, when youre happy, make a cron to start the script at every boot


sudo apt-get install cron

then run

crontab -e 

and type

@reboot sudo /home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver///hid_mapper --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map '/home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver/mele-f10.map'

If youre having issues finding out what keypresses you should assign for your codes, look at the file below, which has the names like KEY_TAB etc. so youre using the correct one


and find out what keypresses you want shorcuts for at http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls#Default_keyboard_controls

I use my C button assignment to get a channel list up wathing live TV, and the tab key assignment to easyli change back to the video if i have been into the menu checking something out.

Hope you can use it :relaxed: