[HowTo] RetroPie and OSMC: Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC


If you run it in retropie this will be a binary install. If you install from source, the newest sources will be used. Those might have bugs.

I would adress this on the retropie forums.

Unfortunately not every emulator can be used without building from source in osmc as the underlying system is different.


@mcobit but there is no option to install binary for PSP emulator. How can I do this using your script?


As I wrote: You can’t. Some emulators need to be built from source on osmc.

Please ask about problems with emulators on the retropie forums.


@mcobit OK. I understand. Do you know the difference in OS comparing to Retropie distribution for RP3? Is there a way to copy binary from RetroPie image to the OSMC?


You cannot copy the binary. That is the reason why you have to compile from source on osmc.

Edit: It might be an easy fix. But for that you have to contact the retropie guys or the emulator developers.

Edit2: The retropie devs know the difference. OSMC is built for armv7 architecture while retropie image is based on raspian that uses armv6 for compatibility with 1st generation pis.

That is the problem. Some userland libraries in osmc are not compatible with raspbian built binaries.


Do you know since when armv7 is used in OSMC?


Since ever for pi2 and 3.
But incompatibilities derive from the newer libs and customisations in raspbian.


So I need advice here.
If I want to have RetroPie (with PSP) and OSMC is better to go with dual boot for now?


That or just ask if somebody of retropie or ppsspp can help you with this.


Does anybody make lr-ppsspp or ppsspp work on OSMC?

I spend 2 days compiling and trying figure out what is wrong comparing to regular RetroPie image

I’ve create a thread on RetroPie forum: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/8837/lr-ppsspp-cannot-install-on-osmc


So thanks for understanding.
I guess this problem can be resolved but you need to be a bit patient. Plastering bold letters around here will not help at all.


It is for focusing on the right things. Somebody enabled this here to be used.

By the way. Can you @mcobit put lr-ppsspp and ppsspp as limitations in scenario on the top of the thread or at github for others to not waste time during installation?


No. Just because they are working in general.
It is only a temporal problem that might also depend on the time of installation.

Also I wrote in the first post that you shouldn’t expect everything to work.

Use dualboot if you are not satisfied with this.


@mcobit Maybe is better to create script that sticks to specific version of RetroPie-Setup that works (not only sometimes). So for me it is better to say people the truth so if this is not working for now, say when it is working and how to install it correctly. For now (current OSMC + latest RetroPie-Setup) it does not work.

Just enter on the top info for others.


You don’t seem to know how retropie works at all.

Please use a retropie image if you are not happy with this. I have no reports of others where it is not working.


@mcobit Getting to know, they started to stick to specific version of the scripts. See latest commits.


Or even better: YOU do an installation every week and do a conpatibilitylist. I would gladly link to that in my post.


@mcobit You don’t read my posts. I don’t like waste my time doing things that doesn’t work. And most of the people like things that works rather than “hopefully will work”


And you don’t read my posts.
I cannot possibly test everything. If you want to help, go ahead. But somebody has to test it to know if it works or not.

I just want to provide something that works and might have some quirks. If you don’t want to waist time, don’t use alpha or beta software.

I am just sharing what I can achive in my limited freetime with the community.

Edit: You are free to modify my script to pull the release that you want.

Edit2: btw. I am not even using ppsspp so how should I check it is broken in every new release?
That would be waisting my time.


For all of these that has a problem with installing Retrosmc and want to have PSP emulation working perfectly out of the box i recommend following solution:

Perfect scenario is to have following systems on one SD card:

  1. OSMC - media center + experiments with not working software :smirk:
  2. Retropie - for out of the box gaming experience
  3. Recalbox (optional) - developer version for have PSP working with latest PPSSPP - very good performance