[HowTo] Tvheadend plugin for VLC (videolan.org)

I found this little trick, when im not in front of the TV…

VLC is an opensource video/audio player, it play almost anything… can be downloaded here:


Click and download libhtsp_plugin.dylib (OSX) or libhtsp_plugin.dll (windows), and put it in your vlc/videolan plugin folder…

Download Windows version:

Download OS X version:

Right click on the app and click “show content of package” open “Contents -> MacOS -> plugins” and put the file there.

Put the downloadet file in “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\plugins” destination depend on your computer and where you installed VLC.

start VLC and go to Preferences click “show all” chose “playlist” -> Services discovery -> HTSP.
Edit 3 things:
“HTSP Server Addresss” match your Tvheadend/OSMC device/server’s IP.
HTSP Username: most cases “osmc”
HTSP Password: most cases “osmc”

And your done, save and restart VLC, and you should now be able to have easy access to watch tv via a playlist in VLC.

There a other ways like opening an m3u playlist like this: http://>OSMC_IP<:9981/playlist ( http://osmc.local.:9981/playlist ).



Thanks to HarryL for that fine trick.
(and og course the author of the dll.-file)

How ever in VLC, i’ll find that HTSP, is moved up the preferences-tree and it will be found under “Input / Codecs” -> HTSP Protocol.

Remember the bild-in vlc in tvheadend / or on Raspeberry is not working properly, so use x86 / x64-windows version when streaming or OMXPlayer on Raspberry Pi.