Has anybody tried using the Hulu addon from Matt Huisman? I’m trying to get it working on both my Win7 Kodi rig and my RP2 OSMC Kodi set-up.

After install I can navigate to various Hulu options, but system crashes with a frowning face when attempting playback.

Thanks for any feedback.

Not knowing anything about it (being a Swede), I wonder have you manage to get widevine running in OSMC?

From Matt’s page:


I can’t help with point 1,3 or 4. But Widevine for OSMC has been a “go to for me”. This is assuming you are running v.19 and Bullseye (latest and greatest)

Ssh into you box, run this command:
sudo apt-get install python3-pycryptodome python3-cryptography

then in Kodi:
Settings->Addon browser->Install from repository->Kodi repo.(if you have multiple)->Program addons->inputstream Helper → install and enable. Start it and download widevine.

Good point - when launching the addon the first time, a box pops up with a list of widevine versions to select from. I picked the current version, but can try the SSH step you suggest.

Talked to Sam a while back about getting those packages into default install, but I’m unsure if that has been integrated. But without those you wont decode the widevine data=)

Welp, I followed the instructions and nojoy with same symptoms. Sad face reboot. Anybody have success with this addon? FWIW I’m on the last 2022 build on a RP2.

I have a similar problem, but I just get a generic “One or more items cannot be played. Please check the log for more information about this message.” but my event log is bare. I have this across all Widevine addons, including Hulu.


Okey, thanks for the feedback. I will try to take a look at widevine for OSMC on the Vero4k this weekend, if i have time i will check on a pi3 too.

hi joakim_s - any update on this? I bought a new rp 4b hoping that would correct things and followed the SSH steps and re-installed widevine from the hulu addon config page,but alas, still sad robot face.

Nevermind, I found the fix - these three commands and now all is well:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install libwidevinecdm0
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Do you know which repo has libwidevinecdm0? When I follow these commands, I get
E: Unable to locate package libwidevinecdm0