Hyperion with Fushicai UTV007


I got my new video grabber today, but I’m seeing something really weird…

This is OSMC … with the right colors and all :smile:

This is EmulationStation (on a second RPi2)

This is the start screen of my PS3 (colors look the same as on screen)

And here I got screenshot from the tv … too pink :confused:

Anybody knows what it could be?

My config: http://paste.osmc.io/ocawezavel

just out of curiosity what amp power supply are you using m8 ?

[quote=“aberboy77, post:2, topic:1474”]
just out of curiosity what amp power supply are you using m8 ?
[/quote]2A like suggested…

Theetjuh: how did you get the grabber to see video. My grabber is working and I can do screen shots, but the lights only react to OSMC, they do not respond to the video I am sending to the grabber

Sorry didn’t see your reaction :smile:
Just use @ with my nickname to it … then I will be notified automaticly.

But to come back to your question, I had quite some issues with that aswell.
I think I reverted back to an earlier config, I could have a look tonight when I get back home again.
I have disabled the option so far … since I need to find a way to disable the lights when the TV is off.

Here is my config with the grabber: http://paste.osmc.io/capezohusu

@Theetjuh - looks similar to my config file, I added the grabber-v4l2 section last night. I think I am missing something on the PI itself. What tells hyperion to use the grabber video instead of OSMC ? How did you build your image after installing OSMC (what else did you do ?).

Thanks for all your help, seems like I am pretty close

I first installed Hyperion the normal way, thus according to their own website.
When I had that running, copied my config I used earlier, that made everything working like it was!
When I got my usb video grabber, I used this guide for the config and screenshots, hope that helps you abit also!

Do you really need the color threshold?

What I understand if it reflects the threshold the LEDs go off, but I need to investigate that sort of settings still…

@Theetjuh here is my config file for hyperion – click here – I followed the steps and same results. The lights work and I can send commands to turn them red (or any color) and I get a clear screenshot, they just don’t seem to respond to video, just OSMC. Did you install mplayer or anything like that ?

I can load my img file in dropbox or something if that will help

Nope, haven’t installed anything other, but you are at the same point as I am, I just got that working for two times or so…

I will share anything I discover with you, just to make sure I understand it correctly, your lights only respond to OSMC and not video you are feeding into the grabber ? I plan on working on it until I get it figured out :smile:

@Theetjuh did you get the colors fixed ? Having the same problem now - screenshots are either green or pink

Haven’t had any time looking into it, are your tv screenshots the only that are green/pink?
Cause mine are only pink through that device…

I need to try other HDMI ports on my receiver as well, I got some problems with it as well :disappointed:

yes, just through the device. I am feeding the HDMI from my Direct TV box, still having issues with it, lights turn blue but don’t seem to respond to video I am passing through the grabber, just what goes through OSMC

And when you grab a screenshot from Kodi or any other device you have connected to your AVR?

no matter what I send to the grabber the colors were way off, now that being said this was after I tried a few things. I am going to start fresh tonight and see what the screen shots look like, still have to figure out why hyperion does not use the grabber

I’m stuck at this spot, what did you do to get hyperion to start using the video grabber and not osmc?

Bringing back an old thread, I know. So I have been running Hyperion on a Raspberry Pi B running OpenElec for quite some time now. Fairly happy with it. About a week ago I noticed the lights were not on when watching any source other than the Pi. I had not done any updates so the logical conclusion is a hardware failure somewhere.

This evening I loaded Hyperion onto a Raspberry Pi 2 running OSMC. Same results as with OpenElec. The lights work when watching the Pi but not other sources. A Screenshot showed just green. This makes me think that the grabber has failed but then I think that maybe it is green because the picture was lost before even reaching the grabber. Perhaps at the splitter or the HDMI to AVI. Long winded… How can I verify which piece of hardware has failed if any? I installed usbutils and the grabber does show up.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Any ideas?