I just got my OSMC loaded on Raspberry Pi 2 and it's awesome

My goal was to stream videos and music from my WD My Cloud, bluetooth smart phones, iPads, iPod touches, El Capitan macbook air, youtube, Netflix (not working yet). I got most of options I wanted working solidly. I’m going to share how I did it just in case someone wants the same thing.

  1. Install Raspian and OSMC from Noobs 1.7 on 32GB EVO class 10 MicroSD card (class 10 is fast). Must have ethernet internet connected, if not you won’t see OSMC option.
  2. Buy USB mini wifi dongle (I used the old one DWA-131), Bluetooth 4.0 SMK dongle and external USB 3.0 4-ports hub. MicroUSB power, 1A is efficient, I use iPad power block and an old ipod hard drive block also.
  3. I use my old RF ATI remote wonder and Rii Mini FAVI FE01-BL and Sybu Kodi for iOS as remote control.
  4. HDMI cable and 4-pole Composite (this one is hard to find) for my Audi MMI integration.

Everything is straight forward except some special things need to be done: Youtube, Bluetooth A2DP, Composite Output instead of HDMI.

  • Youtube, version 5.1.17 is the correct one to get it working - must log in 2 times from Youtube account.
  • Bluetooth Pairing A2DP : follow the instruction here, but some steps need to be modified.
    *Add a line dtparam=audio=on in the OSMC config.txt file. Do not create audio.conf file as in the instruction.
    *Add these lines in the main.conf

Name = osmc
*Important thing is to pair with all your devices using “bluetoothctl”. Follow the instruction on that page. or watch this youtube video.

  • For Composite to work instead of default HDMI, these lines must be added to the OSMC config.txt
    #hdmi_force_hotplug=1 (# is to comment out)
    sdtv_mode=0 (0 is for NTSC).
  • The cable must be configured correctly for Raspberry Pi, not all 4-pole on Ebay or Amazon will work. Find an old video Camera cable, it may work with some modification.
  • Add wd my cloud media server.
    • If you have an external USB hard drive attached to the USB port, you can connect using NFS which is faster.
    • If you have username and password, you must use SMB to connect.
    • If you change the network name, you can see all share files on the network.
    • For NFS just add the ip address.
    • For SMB just open the network folder and add with username and password.
      For pictures and videos go here.



The DTParam setting isn’t needed with the latest OSMC, you may also wish to use our official Bluetooth application as it will get playback info from streaming devices soon.


Couldn’t agree more idog16. My OSMC setup has worked from day one, some PEBKAC(Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) but i managed to solve those.

What I’ve been working on lately is getting Arora webbrowser (not for netflix or simular) and a VNC-client working. Finally go it to work, now i’ve just have to learn how to make a watchdog-script, so it restarts Kodi when I exit those apps, and add a launcher from Kodi. A watchdog-script i think i can ripp from RetrOsmc, but i have to learn how to make a launcher in Kodi.

Great to hear that there are a few of us that haven’t had a problem at all.

/ Joakim