I think i've got a dead Vero 4K

So my vero 4k has been crashing alot recently… it’s been freshly installed as a result and was still crashing at least daily… Normally a power cycle would bring it back.

I’m not running any addons at all and it was happening even on the stock skin.

I’ve come to it this evening and it will no longer power on… I get the osmc logo for a second or 2 and then no signal to the TV.

Annoyingly it’s about 14 months old…

Apart from trying to reinstall again (which i will try tomorrow but assume i’m going to be getting recurring crashes again) does anyone have any advice? I’ve got 2 other vero devices in the house that are much older and they are fine

My Order ID is : #29969 (June 15, 2020)

OK, so it might actually just be a dodgy power supply… i moved it to one of the other TV’s using the cables that were already there, and it’s come on…

I’ll try back in the original location but with diff cables tomorrow and see.

if it is… can someone point me at a suitable replacement one on amazon.co.uk? I’m useless at selecting power supplies and always end up with wrong dimension pin

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Well if you want to play save you can directly order from OSMC


Other way would be to get one somewhere else, specification: DC 5V, min. 2A, center positive, coaxial power connector male with OD 5.5mm and ID 2.1mm

OK so I’ve tried using the original plug but straight into the wall socket in case it’s the extension lead and it still crashed.

I’m now on a different power supply and I’ve enabled debug logging to see if anything shows up

Don’t suppose you know how to enable debug logging but not output to the display? I have a feeling i may need to keep it on for a while and kids are complaining about the text.

You can enable debugging without the onscreen display.
add <loglevel>1</loglevel> to the <advancedsettings> section of .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml