Toggle debug OSD option in menu

Per this post you can do this with some editing, but could we get an option in the menu where we enable debug logging that allows us to choose to show or disable the onscreen debug information?

Things that can only be enabled via advanced settings cannot trivially be added as settings options, if at all, I’m afraid.

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This seems like it would be really problematic. When you enable that option it requires a Kodi restart to enable and disable it. Such a thing would have to be done via an add-on as Kodi has no such built-in function to just not display the overlay with a built in command. With no visual indication that debug logging is enabled I think it would become common for someone to enable such an option and then have to search out for support when their logs get big enough they won’t upload or it causes freespace issues. You would be increasing the wear on the eMMC if you forgot to turn it off (debug logs over the course of days or weeks can get very large).

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Yeah, I was thinking the same things.
But if it was hidden under expert option only then that should be enough right?
Now whether it can easily be implemented or not I have no idea.
Doesn’t the V handle overlays different than the 4K/4K+ too?
So maybe easier to do on the V and not so much on the 4K/4K+.

The reason why I ask is because I feel that many people willing to help out on the forums, like me, could use this feature to help others if it was made easier to implement.
As an example, I’m trying to help people out with audio drop outs but I’m not interested in leaving static debug text on my OLED for hours either.

I think if the option is possible, and only available under “expert” settings that should be reasonable enough.
Maybe it could be set to expire if there was a concern, so the option will only suppress the OSD debug information for 4 hours.

Just throwing ideas out there.

It isn’t a UI setting though, it is a Kodi feature that is only implemented via an advancedsettings.xml file as an optional way of turning on logging. There is no setting or option whereas one could make the UI debug setting switch between non-overlay debug and normal logging. The only way to implement what your talking about would be for someone to add a UI setting to upstream Kodi, or else add to the My OSMC add-on a feature whereas it would add or remove this option from userdata advancedsettings.xml and also reload Kodi to actually effect the change.

Okay, that sounds very tedious if at all possible.

Nevertheless, it would be worth considering making this easier to implement.
Greater minds than mine may be able to make some script or something, who knows?

As I don’t personally need this feature it’s no major sweat off my back, but it would help tremendously for those looking to help with debugging.
And that would be a great advantage for a community such as ours.
Anyway, hopefully it will be kept in the back of the developers minds and maybe something in the future will make this more easily feasible.

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work!!!

I doubt this is very difficult. I’ve never understood what that OSD means - never found it useful.

But this is a matter for Kodi. Maybe ask them?

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