Increase Video Playback Speed Followup

I want to follow up on a previous forum topic from 2021 where having an option to increase speed of video playback was discussed (like how you can watch Youtube at 1.25X, 1.5X, etc).
On the forum topic, nrvale0 said he figured it out and mapped PlayerControl(tempoup) PlayerControl(tempodown) to the Vero 4K remote long press up and long press down.
I have the August 2023 Kodi v20.2 on a Vero 4K+ and this does not seem to be working (unless I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t think I am).
Then I saw sam_nazarko said on that forum topic “I have removed this feature from Kodi v19” and “there should be a cleaner solution in the future”.

Now that it’s been 2 years, is there a cleaner solution?
If not, why remove a feature that at least some people seemed to like using?

Link to Forum Page:

I don’t think @sam_nazarko has added one yet

As I understand it this feature requires sync playback to display to be enable for it to work. That option became problematic in updated software stacks so it was disabled so it doesn’t turn on regardless of what the setting in Kodi is set to. Thus the adjust playback speed option wasn’t removed but rather a requirement of using it became broken and that situation hasn’t changed as of today.

I don’t know that my thread ever had those details – it has been a while now – but what darwindesign says aligns with my memory of the situation. I did get it to work for a short time but I was warned that it would be unreliable and it would soon stop working completely. Both of those things ended up being true.

I agree that it would be a nice feature and it is something I do miss from other players.

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It would only be possible with software and not hardware based decoding.

Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but would playing H.264 and H.265 .mp4/.mkv videos be considered software or hardware decoding on the Vero 4K+? My thought was that H.265 would need to be hardware, but according to the web it seems they could be either depending on the platform.

The default settings for most video formats on both the Vero’s and RPi’s is to use hardware decoding. If you go into the player settings you can turn hardware decoding off. When you do this at best you dramatically increase power consumption and heat generation. The encoding is a little important as something like h.265 requires more processing to decode than most h.264, but the more important metric is the resolution. With the 4K/4K+ you can probably decode most 720p or lower videos in h.264 and maybe the same with h.265 if they are not terribly complicated decodes. I think for many files the Vero V can push 1080p with at least h.264 but after about a half hour of playing that way the player is getting very hot and IMO more than I would consider recommending. For all practical purposes software decoding is really best suited to SD resolution videos.

Although the point is a bit moot at this very moment as this feature doesn’t work at present regardless of if you turn hardware decoding off or not. What Sam was saying is that he COULD tweak the current behavior to allow sync playback to display to work with software decoding.

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Thanks for explaining.