Is there a way to increase video playback speed with Vero 4K+?

Hi, folks.

I have a feeling I should be able to find and answer to this but I’m still quite confused about how the Vero 4K+ and OSMC and Kodi all interact/overlap…

I’d like to increase the playback speed of videos. Perhaps even as a default but if I can figure out how to address on a per-video basis that works as well. I don’t see that option hidden in the menus anywhere when viewing a video nor in the System settings. And I don’t see anything about there being a magic series of key presses with the remote.


Yep, there is a way. See this detailed guide on how to configure the keymap file:


Thank you. This looks very promising.

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Are you using the Vero remote or something else? If you let me know what buttons you want to use to perform this function I could help you out with a correct keymap for this.

Setting “sync playback to display” (mentioned in the above link) is not usually a good idea.

Ha…are you watching over my shoulder?

I was just watching the kodi.log scroll by and thinking about how how I might use the rather limited and all-spoken-for buttons on the Vero 4k+s remote to adjust playback.

My thought was to somehow hook the long press of the Play/Pause to step through the playback speeds. I’m not sure if the syntax for the keyboard mappings is modal/stateful enough to allow for iterating through all of the playback speeds though.

Any thoughts?

AMCodec has quite comprehensive support for this recently, presumably for some YouTube compliance on Android TV, but this implementation isn’t supported on the Kodi side.

You don’t need unused keys as you can override whatever you want. You also only need to do it for full screen video and not global since this is all your looking for. If you take a look at the keymap that the OSMC remote is using it may be easier to figure out what you don’t mind loosing. Long press up and down is probably a good choice if you don’t normally do video playlists.

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Alrighty…thanks for the help everyone! I was able to get it working for fullscreen video where longpress up increases tempo and longpress down decreases.

  1. set ‘Sync playback to display’.

  2. The following in ~osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <up mod="longpress">PlayerControl(tempoup)</up>
      <down mod="longpress">PlayerControl(tempodown)</down>
  1. (perhaps optional) reboot to pick up the new keyboard map.
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Reboot of just Kodi (power menu exit will do this) is necessary unless your did the edits via ssh in which case you can just kodi-send -a reloadkeymaps instead.

May I ask why? I thought this was standard Kodi and OSMC behaviour. Wouldn’t you also need a display rate of multiples of the video’s framerate in order not to get judder?


It breaks pass-through for a start, Using Adjust Refresh Rate and whitelisting should give a smooth playback.

Thanks Tom.

Ah, didn’t know about that. Religious stereo user here since forever, no AVR or anything.

But what about the TV’s refresh rate? 60 Hz vs. 23.976 FPS.


You can can set the gui to 50 or 60 hz and select Adjust Refresh Rate on start and stop, As long as FPS is supported by your tv; it should switch and play smoothly.

Thanks Tom.

Enabling sync playback to display debate is a bit moot if you want to tweak the speed as it seems to be a requirement. When I tried it on my PC Kodi did nothing with that action unless I enabled that option, at which point it worked as expected.

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@Tom_Doyle That’s how I configured my Vero 4K right from the start. I rather thought about what happens when you don’t set it that way.

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As a heads-up: I have removed this feature from Kodi v19, as it causes a lot of breakage.

Most TVs support multiple refresh rates - mine, for example supports 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz and 60Hz. Matching the source’s output refresh rate to the frame rate of the video results in improved picture quality. The “Sync Playback to Display” option disables refresh-rate switching. In most situations it’s only of use if your display is something like a PC monitor which only supports 60Hz input.

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For clarity, the sync option has been remove in v19? And thus I should expect my tempo hack to stop working on v19 then also?

It will still be visible – but it won’t do anything.

Sync Playback to Display on AML is broken in general.

Yes – there should be a cleaner solution in the future.
I don’t think it would work properly as it is.