Infrared remote control problems

I’ve been using the RF remote for a long time. Now I would like to experiment with infrared remotes (because I don’t want to have two remotes - one RF for Vero 4k, second one for TV). My LG plasma TV is not working properly with CEC, so HDMI-CEC is not a solution for me.

I’ve made some experiments with the infrared remote.

First issue - my IR extender cable is not working (where attaching to the 3.5mm hole nearest to the corner) the Vero stops respond to IR at all. So I continued with experiments only with internal IR receiver.

Second issue - I’ve tried to learn the Vero from my remote control - using irrecord command. I’ve tried several remote controllers (Samsung, LG, some no-name, Sony receiver, Pioneer DVD) - without success to create usable lirc.conf file. The irrecord is responsing at the first phase (writing “dots” when pressing buttons) but when I try to learn particular key, it ususally writes errors - weird codes etc.

Then I tried to find a ‘ready-made’ lirc.conf file made exactly for my RC (succeded with some old Philips and Samsung remote controller). When selecting it, it started to respond BUT:

Third problem - sometimes the button presses are producing repeat codes - for example for KEY_UP and KEY_DOWN it sometimes reacts properly, sometimes it moves a cursor more times. Is there any option what can be adjusted to be less “sensitive” for repeats?

Please could you provide any advice? I’ve tried almost everything…

Thank you.

Have you hidden the box behind something? Otherwise they will cancel each other out.

This can be adjusted in the eventlircd systemd service (there are repeat filter settings).


Yes, behind the TV, and I also tried to paste a tape over the LED on the Vero box but the extender didn’t work.

Where can I find the configuration? somewhere in /etc/eventlircd.d or elsewhere?

Thank you

If memory serves, /lib/systemd/system/eventlircd.service.
I can send you a new receiver if you’d like.

Note that IR is going to give a more sluggish experience than RF (OSMC remote) or CEC. There’s not much we can really do about that.

My eventlircd.service contains following:
ExecStart = /usr/sbin/eventlircd --evmap=/etc/eventlircd.d --socket=/var/run/lirc/lircd -f

eventlircd --help says that filtering is enabled by default:
-R --repeat-filter enable repeat filtering (default is ‘true’)

So, could I add the --repeat-filter option there? Or any other option (some time-delays or similar?)

If it is possible, new IR receiver/extender would be fine (is there any possibility how to check if it is really broken?)

Thank you

Please start a support request so we can send a new receiver