Initial setup without a keyboard

Hi I’ve just downloaded the RC but I only have a mouse, I intend to control it with the yatse app on android, but in order to that I have to enable it in settings, however i cannot get to settings with only a mouse. Is there any way to enable remote control with ssh or similar?

I just did all mine with a remote control rather than a keyboard. Failing that you could use the on-screen remote control that comes up by entering your devices IP address into a web browser of a machine on your network

It’s already enabled. You should be able to connect with Yatse right after the install. I thought that I read that OSMC was going to change the default port back to 80, but it’s still 8080.

Thank you!!

Should be 80. Did you copy the Kodi settings over?

All working now, worked fine when i added it manually on the yatse app, for some reason it wasn’t being discovered automatically, but its working now. However i am now experiencing constant crashes which I’ve made another post about

The only thing I copied over were the advancedsettings.xml and passwords.xml so they know where the mySQL DB is