Install Logitech Media Server on OSMC

Running OSMC as my media center for video and music. Would like to now stream music to other rooms over wifi. I’d like to install Logitech Media Server on my main pi3 running OSMC to other pi3s running PiCorePlayer connected to DACs and speakers. Is it possible to install LMS on OSMC? Thanks.

Did you try?
Something like squeezelite should be possible.

Not yet. Want to know if can be done before I purchase more pi3s. Also if someone has done it maybe post how to do it

See Squeeze center (LMS) on OSMC from August last year.
Read through the thread though as some tried and failed.
Key appears to be getting an old version of Perl.

Alco check out this thread for alternative multi-room audio possibilities:

there is more systems covered here then just lms but all of these works without issues

I was able to install PERL and Squeezebox on my RPI3 w/ OSMC. That seemed to work and I can login to the console and see my pi’s directory. I want to play music using the Pandora App of OSMC and then stream it over wifi to other rooms in the house. Is this possible or do I need something different to do this?

Is pandora supported for squeezebox ?

Sorry for off topic but will the pandora app for osmc work for non US residents ? I remember using it a few years ago on my home PC but i remember i had to run a Proxy to get it to work

Probobly right about the being us resident only, but in not certain that logitech support much apps these days.

Anyone got this working under the lateset release 4.9 kernel ? A few of us cannot not get this to work anymore . Worked fine under 3

If you have managed to get it to work was there any tricks ? Basically we are getting an illegal instruction on the load process . Perl 5.28 should work fine with this version .

Thanks in advance