Installing OSMC on Compact Flash card on Apple Tv not working

Hi There
I’ve been trying to install OSMC on a CF card. The specs for the card is: 16GB, Kingston Ultimate.
I have tried all versions of the OSMC installer both with USB installation and installing directly on the CF card but with out any luck.
I get different errors depending on how i try installing.
Does anyone here have a solution?

I managed it by installing to the USB, then using dd to copy to the CF

thx, i’ll try this. But what does it mean to dd?

dd is a unix/linux command line tool which can be used for copying filesystems

Can you link to a guide?

did you look at the page I linked to above ?

Yes, but that did not help.

Unfortunately, there are not guides for everything that can be done on a Linux install. And for several types of operation (like this) creating a step by step guide can lead to other issues if people follow it blindly without understanding the operation as a whole.

What part did not help ?

First of all it’s very kind of you to help me out!
For some reason i cannot ssh to my osmc. Second i’m nor familiar with moving filesystems from usb to CF via dd and that’s the part i’d like to understand.
But first i need to get my ssh connected.

Don’t use a CF card. You will likely have some problems. I had to work on a special atv-bootloader some years ago for this to work correctly, and even then it wasn’t 100% reliable.


Ok. How about an SD card on an SD to IDE adapter?

There is no point though and this just creates potential for more problems.

Just use a USB stick.


I see. The reason for my wish to install on a cf card is to have it inside the apple tv and not sticking out.

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