Installing Zomboided

Hi, I’d like to use IPVanish on the Vero 4K and after about 3 hours of searching and trying to work out how it’s done I’m not really much the wiser. I’ve discovered Zomboided but there are different instructions on the github page below for Kodi and Linux (which I think OSMC is). So I’m not sure which method to use. If it’s the Kodi option, happy days as I can manage that. If it’s the Linux option I have no idea what this all means, I’m afraid as I’m really not much of a tech guru. Any opinions before I give the Kodi option a go?

Thanks in advance.

Well it is a combination of both. You need the Kodi Addon to manage the connection while you neec the Linux part for the underlying VPN engine.
For Kodi choose the Direct Install. For the Linux Part openvpn is already installed (if you are on the December version of OSMC). So you only need to install psmisc via command line.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Hi fzinken, thanks very much for the quick response. Those instructions look fairly achievable even for me, I’ll probably just buy a keyboard as I was thinking of getting one anyway. But I’m still confused about the github Linux instructions and what this [quote=“fzinken, post:2, topic:70011”]
So you only need to install psmisc via command line.
[/quote] means. Do you mean I just need to type sudo apt-get install psmisc’?

Basically I have no idea what to do once I’ve logged in. Sorry about this but I’m just not that experienced in stuff like this.


I think accessing the Vero via SSH might be easier as you can do copy and paste
But the keyboard doesn’t harm especially if you lock yourself out of the network with the VPN

Wow wah wee wah I think I may have done it. Some script thingy with no errors and back into the osmc@vero:~$ prompt in the command line!

So is it really as simple as that?! And now I need to install Zomboider in Kodi and set that up for my VPN?

Also, I note the changing password info at the top of those intructions. Is that just a question of using the ‘passwd osmc’ line at the command prompt, again using putty?


I think I might have set it all up but is there any way of testing it’s working correctly?

I’m pretty amazed with myself tbh that I’ve been able to do this but I would have had zero chance if it hadn’t been for your help fzinken. You’re a gentleman and I wish I could buy you a beer or three :+1:


From the command line on the 4k, if you issue:


This will report back IP, you can check its different to the one issued by your isp; by doing a google search for: “whats my IP” on a PC which isn’t connected to the VPN.

Thanks Tom.

Both are diffferent. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help guys. :star_struck:

Has anyone connected successfully to ExpressVPN. I too managed to install the Zomboided repo, but after going through the Wizard, it fails to connect. Here’s a pastebin of the VPN log if it helps:

I’m basically stuck. I’ve ssh’ed in to the unit to check that the ovpn files and keys are correct and in place. I’ve also checked on numerous times that my username and password strings are correct too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.