Internet Browser

Im wondering: will Ocelot be a png based browser?

How is the current status of the development?
Do you need a helping hand?

I have parked the web browser for now for technical reasons and due to a lack of time. I will revisit it when we are back on track.


unbelievable. this is like the most wanted feature of all users…and you just park it?



OSMC is an open source project and it runs on time. Unfortunately, I have to associate priorities to the roadmap and am always short of time. My priorities are currently focused on hardware expansion and adapting our build system to be friendlier with upstream (Debian).

You do – but I also need people to work with me on this from a development perspective. I’d rather let it drag, and get things 100% right, than hear it works but doesn’t do something quite right and end up having to redevelop it again anyway.

Thanks for your understanding – I assure you, I want OSMC to have a web browser just as much as you do



For me this is at least as important as a browser. So patience, patience! :+1:




I might be interested in helping out with the OSMC browser. Do you have a branch you can point me to and instructions on how to build? I’m pretty experienced with browsers, but new to OSMC so I might need a little help to get started.


I don’t have much at the moment, but if you drop me a PM then I can send you some details


just to refresh this topic, guys how it looks with the webrowser? and btw thanks for great work for now :alien:

Sam wrote 4 days ago that he doesn’t have much time and a Web browser doesn’t just happen overnight. Suggest to check back in February

yeah, i see it now, my bad … ok, thanks for reply and info :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s February (well, a few hours short) and I’m chomping at the bit, nay, drooling for a browser. I REALLY wish I could help out with this. I didn’t realize how reliant upon a browser I am until I didn’t have one. But let no one perceive my petitioning as bitching… Sam and team, we really appreciate all you are doing and can’t thank you enough for the awesome product you’ve made available to us.

With the new update of raspbian a new open source OpenGL is available, maybe it’s a good news for internet browser ? we can maybe use it like this sources : WebKitNix · GitHub ?

Think there are for more pressing issues then a browser im sure Sam will tell you all when the time is right … until then just wait no point in dropping “is it done soon” or “is it ready yet” cause the most likely answer will be NO.

And if there are so many inclined users that wants a broswer step up and submit patches or fork the branch and helpout on development.

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i have just put together a raspberry pi 2 and am using osmc as the operating system. would like to install an internet browser. can someone tell me how to use this and then how to use unblockus vpn with this. thank you

Would have been great if you would have used the fabulous search function this forum offers instead of opening a new thread

Is there any news on the browser? If it’s not ready yet is there a beta build or a workaround while waiting?


Hi All!

I would like to ask the community what are the requeriments to work in the project of Ocelot. Im a web developer student and i would like to help retake the beta version. Any news or some information?


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Hi there!
Is there any news on this issue? Any roadmap available for browser integration?