iOS 11 AirPlay still possible?

Hey guys,

i just installed OSMC (latest) on my RPi3.

When i try to connect via AirPlay from my iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.2, it tells me searching…

But it never finds my Pi…

AirPlay is enabled in OSMC Settings and they are on the same WiFi.

Tried to resart my Pi too but didnt change anything.

Somebody has an idea what i could try next?

Thank you!

Did you use the forum search?

In short, no.

@cocomic i cant find the wait for network flag option!

Is there any thread which says its under repair already?

MyOSMC -> Network -> Wired/Wirelss

Reading thru the threads using the search function indicates that it can not be fixed due to Apple’s changes

Audio Airplay still works. It’s the Video / Pictures part that is difficult to get fixed.

Interestingly, the forum search points to this topic now. :slight_smile: So I figured it would be useful to point back to the wiki post which documents the current state quite clearly:

Sorry for the noise.

looks like wa can have it implemented in java for iOS 14.

how to install it on raspberry?