iPhone videos rotated again

With the latest OSMC/Kodi installed, for some reason my iPhone videos are now being rotated by 90°. Videos I have played before with no problem are now screwy again. Is there a flag or setting I have somehow missed?

Can you provide a sample video that displays the wrong orientation?

Here you go…


sorry - it’s up now - took a little longer than I expected…

So if I watch this video directly from dropbox (browser build in videoplayer) it is tilted by 90% counter clockwise.

Your issue is that your iPad mini records it as 1920x1080 and assumes that the player software finds the information that it is tilted and transforms it respectively

From mediainfo of your file

Width : 1 920 pixels
Height : 1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Rotation : 90°

VLC has no problem showing it correctly.
Previous Kodi/OSMC had no problems showing it correctly either.

Can anyone else confirm the issue on OSMC?
I’ve tried the sample on my own test build (not quite the same as osmc) and it was oriented correctly.
@WR0gr6xg a debug log may be useful.

Just tried it on my install (latest release) and it plays sideways.

This now get’s interisting. I just played it on my latest stable release at it plays correctly.

@Dilligaf how did you download it?

What do you mean by latest stable release? You mean June update of OSMC Jarvis?

Yes, correct

June update here too. I downloaded it to my hard drive and played from there. Right click the link and “save as” if it matters.

Well I first thought it matters as I had the webplayer also showing it wrongly. But seems not to be the case. Anyhow to exclude any webbrowser mess up try wget to ensure same results.

Just to complete the infos.
I am playing on a Pi3 with hardware acceleration enabled on MMAL.

wget still plays sideways. I’m using a Vero to test/play it

Ok, maybe @dbmandrake can check with a Vero

@WR0gr6xg are you using Pi or Vero?

Popcornmix - I’m using a Vero (original one). I also have a Pi (original one). I’ll try it on that and report back as well.

OK on OSMC latest June release on my Pi it’s correct orientation - just a problem on my Vero.

@WR0gr6xg, could you enable debug logging and provide a debug log when playing that file on the vero? Also can you confirm that it (the same file) has played correctly on the Vero in the past?

@sam_nazarko, seems the player on Vero is not interpreting the Video rotation correctly