Iptv catchup support

Hi all,

Any chance to have this earlier??


I’m aware that this will be available for free in the next kodi release but, if the work involved to support this now is not to much, it would be a pretty cool feature to have sooner than later.

I’ve build kodi master branch and the iptv simple addon and gave this a quick try and it seems to work pretty good… When used with ffmpegdirec, it’s even better…

You can use the Kodi Matrix Test Builds

Hmm not really what I intended with this. I’m running my vero 4k on my main tv and want it to be as stable as possible. I understand that it can be to much, unnecessary work, to bring this to kodi leia. I would say that it also depends on how far are we from the kodi matrix release and it support on osmc…

Unless this is backported to Leia, you’ll need to use a nightly build. You could ask the developer / maintainer of this addon.