Irrecord/mode2 with new remote

Received my first vero device (4k+) on Tuesday morning. Pretty easy to setup and connect to Emby Server running on Synology NAS (used the addon from

Not so happy with the remote though without fast forward and reverse (only jump buttons) and RF did not work with SONOS playbar so tried to setup a new remote - (talon xbox media remote

Followed [Vero 4k and xbox one remote - #40 by Michael_Gombkoto](Vero 4k and xbox one remote) but irrecord did not seem to work. Tried "mode2 -d /dev/lirc0 and it showed plenty of output.

In the end just used the existing xbox-one-lircd.conf since the third party remote should be sending the same signals as the xbox-one remote right? Yes, it was so after reboot can use two remotes. The RF osmc remote and the IR Talon xbox media remote.

You would not believe how often a remote goes missing with two kids (3&8) so to have two remotes is a bonus.

No sure if this is a [How To] for remotes with Vero or a {Lesson Learned] about having kids?

2 kids - mild success as they do respond to some commands. 2 remotes - success as they do respond to normal commands. irrecord - no success.

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