Is my Vero faulty?

Hi, I received my Vero2 last month, I haven’t been using it very often bcos of the learning curve and hanging issues.
Last weekend I decide to setup my RPI2 with OSMC and had great success(learn curve over), watching movie, TV drama, add-on other streaming site with zero problem, I even left it on the whole day and it did not lockup or froze.
Just a while ago, I downloaded the OSMC image and re-flash my Vero 2 then updated the Aug updates and all others, added Subscene subtitle add-on and played a movie, upon searching for subtitle, Vero sad face came up. Repeating the process, subtitle did load up, after watching 15mins the video started to stutter and a few minutes later totally freeze with subtitle running with no sound and static frame.

Is my Vero broken or is it a lemon?

Subtitle is still running till now but the remote is already unresponsive, I guess I can only cut the power supply for reboot.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us help you.

Ok, thanks for the response.
Here we go…

This is not a debug enabled log created by following the instruction in the link provided. It would also be helpful to know if this occurs with all attempts to play any file or just this particular file. If only some files behave this way, providing mediainfo (also in the link) on the problematic file would be helpful.

Let’s try again.

It happens in any movie or TV series.
Nevertheless I am trying another movie as I write.

If you don’t monkey with using subtitles, does the issue persist?

Hangs on another different movie, about 10-15mins watching.


I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your device. The first thing I would do is to download the latest version from OSMC and update it to the August version. I understand that you have done this already, but it’s certainly possible that an add-on or something else is introducing this problem.

On a fresh system, I’d then play content back locally. You can attach a USB drive, and download something like Big Buck Bunny and play it back locally. Then you can try installing add-ons individually until you get a freeze. That may lead you to a culprit.

If you only get this problem with subtitles, then you may have found a bug, but this won’t be a hardware problem if that’s the case. I’m aware that there is a memory leak in libass which is used for some subtitles, and this effects all Linux Kodi platforms to my knowledge.

A sad face itself rarely indicates hardware issues. It usually means Kodi has just crashed.


Just looking at the log:

  • You don’t seem to be using CEC. You can disable it in Peripherals -> Input -> CEC. This makes log reading a little easier.

The last thing I see in your log is an attempt to stop the video:

23:02:16 T:3031207936   DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 530740:80 0 KEY_STOP linux-input-layer (KEY_STOP)
23:02:16 T:3031207936   DEBUG: OnKey: guide (0xe0) pressed, action is Stop
23:02:16 T:3031207936  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()


Sam, thanks for chipping in.
I am playing from my NAS via NFS, this wouldn’t be the culprit as I have a RPI2 playing flawlessly when I do a direct swop(same wires, same position)

I have uninstalled the subtitle add-on and am playing another movie. Let me check back.


After uninstalling subtitle add-on, restarted before playing the third movie.
Play time is about the same.

Did you try playing back Big Buck Bunny locally?

Are you able to SSH in to the device when it crashes? Is it hard crashing or do you see the sad face. We need more information than just the log being dumped because we need to know what symptoms you experienced when you paste the log.

Also stating the obvious, but make sure Vero 2 is plugged directly in to the wall (no extension cables or wallgang plugs) and you are only using the official PSU / HDMI cable etc.

Is this on a 100% fresh install with no add-ons installed?


I never play any movie locally.
I didn’t try SSHing (can try later)
It is a total freeze up or lockup, remote useless, only way is to cut power supply.
I am connected using original power adapter and HDMI, not direct on wall socket, as non near enough but my “extension” is a audiophile grade power conditioner.
Yes 100% fresh install from SF card download during the weekend with latest update.

I’m asking if you can try a local playback of Big Buck Bunny. It will help narrow down a problem

Well that’s not fresh, because you said yourself that you installed some add-ons. Please try a fresh installation. Uninstalling or disabling is usually good enough, provided they don’t install any services, but for good measure, fresh + local playback is best.

I’d try it without an extension chord to rule it out. A lot of people have had issues with them.

I’ll try those suggestions and check back again, give me some time to do it.
Question: why big buck bunny movie? Why to download? Or is any movie ok?

Big Buck Bunny was suggested because it has no licensing / copyright restrictions. Other clips should be fine (unless the problem is with the clip itself, but that’s unlikely).

I have a copy of Big Buck Bunny too and it should play without issue a Vero 2. If you have a problem, then it may lead us to something.

Situation seems to improve somewhat, last I did was to disable CEC, I am trying the first movie(multiple times hung) and it is going further than any earlier tries.

I will give you some time to try the suggestions and then advise.