Is OSMC alive?

At the beginning there have been monthly updates and now it has been months since the last update. i bought a 4K to support this project, but no updates for such a long time, not even security updates? What happend?

osmc itself seems stuck on november 2020, but there have been regular updates to the underlying debian os on the 4k+

All efforts are focused on publishing a new kernel and Kodi v19.
If you are eager to get updates before the stable release (which is expected by end of the month if all goes well) you would need to join the Testing Train

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OSMC is very much alive. Generally – security updates are provided by upstream (Debian).

We’re hoping to get Kodi v19 and a new kernel out soon. My tentative schedule is for mid July.

This is a big update and a lot under the hood has been reworked in OSMC as well.




Looking fwd to it! I’m on nov 2020, just popped in to make sure all is well… thx for the update

This weekend is the end of July and I know the tentative release was mid-July so I have to ask; any updated estimates on when that update will be?
Obviously we don’t need it rushed like a COVID vaccine, so I trust it will be released when it’s ready, but just curious.

It won’t be this weekend.

This is the largest update we’ve ever released in the seven years of OSMC’s existence, so it makes sense to get it right.

We are performing server migrations and a number of changes behind the scenes to ready OSMC for an exciting few years ahead.

We’ll have the update out promptly for the Summer.


Came back from a weeks vacation and the Vero greeted me with an update!
Thanks for all your hard work.