Isengard Nightly Builds


Are there Pi2 nightlies for Isengard? I did a search but it didn’t turn up anything.


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This is on the roadmap and we plan to offer newclock4 nightly builds soon.



Cool. Can’t wait.

Does someone compiled Kodi v15.0 for Raspberry Pi and get it working on OSMC?

They’ll be ready after OSMC. Our objective is for a stable and final release before moving further.

I hope that Kodi 15 ‘Isengard’ will be supported very soon. I’m stuck w/ quite a few un-watchable DVD’s as of now and I understand that the DVD player has been re-written for Isengard. (see this topic)

When it goes final, it will be included in OSMC. That’s not far away


Updated OSMC today to version: “May 15 2015”. Why doesn’t the System Summary show which Kodi version is installed? I.e. “ver. 14.2, codename “Helix”” or something like that?

(DVD’s still have problems)

Because it would not be relevant anyway: Kodi 14.2 is the base but the backports are taken from popcornmix and change accordingly. As this is done as a patch, the Git revision is not changed. This means that this version is not the whole ‘story’.

The base version can still be derived from kodi.log.

You will need to wait for Isengard.