.ISO not playing on Vero4K, fine on PC

This is an ISO of a DVD that plays fine as an ISO on VLC on a Win7 PC, but simply sits at the 4K menu playing the DVD intro loop music, not showing the DVD menu itself. Pastebin has http://paste.osmc.io/awagecopen.tex and there’s a log associated with that as well.

What am I not setting on Vero to see this? What’s different about this ISO?

thanks in advance,

Chris M


Chris, The log provided is not a debug log. Please see:

Also you have some success disabling amcodec hardware acceleration.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Chris,

Apologies, I found the logs, with the help of Dilthedog:


From looking at the logs I think Vero4k is having issues with the menus, I would try disabling amcodec; as I suggested in my earlier post.

Failing that you could try playing the iso back locally either on usb or sd card.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the persistence; I tried disabling amcodec and got further. What now happens is that the menu loop remains but blindly taking the appropriate option result in the menu choice operating correctly.

It’s not ideal, and I’d be happy to dig further, if someone could guide me in this…


Chris M

Is this the only ISO you have that has issues? Have you tested others?

Does playing the main title work as expected?
Menu support can be hit and miss sometimes unfortunately, but the film itself should play

I’d like to improve this however.


This was the 8th DVD I did yesterday, and the first that didn’t work cleanly. The main title plays just fine, once you get there. Getting there though, that’s the trick. One remembers the screen positions of the choices to play/scene select/etc, presses the remote appropriately and then it plays.

The only thing I could say about the main title was that upon resuming play after pausing, it took a second or so for the sound to come back on after the picture started to play…

Chris M

I have this issue on multiple titles. The majority of my movies are DVDs that I ripped into folders format (not ISO). OSMC has the same issues with my DVD folders that Chris has with his ISOs. Namely that many titles with looped music do not play until the music has looped once. After one loop the menu shows up. This isn’t too bad for short loops, but some menus have loops 1-2 minutes long.

One setting that changes the behavior but does not fix the problem is as follows:

under settings, media, discs I toggled off the setting that attempts to skip the menu. Then instead of just playing the loop, the screen now also goes completely blank which allows me to then push the “select/enter” button which then plays the film (presumably because OSMC has now at least partially loaded the menu and the play command is the default choice.)

Hope this makes sense. It is a workaround, but I would prefer to see this issue fixed.