Vero 4K+ some DVD menus are blank


I seem to be having the same issues as the members in this thread: .ISO not playing on Vero4K, fine on PC

On some DVDs, but not all, the intro plays fine then the menu screen is blank the background music plays and the menu options seem to be functional but obviously one cannot see what option is highlighted. Other DVDs seem to have working menus. I have tried adjusting the hardware amcodec option and the skip DVD intro option but neither seem to have any effect, as mentioned in the previous thread. The affected DVDs play fine on KODI V18.0 on a PC. Debug logs have been uploaded under paste bin ID: upujoquled

Thanks in advance.

It should be resolved in Kodi v18.

How do I go about getting Kodi V18 on the Vero 4K+ or do I have to wait for a firmware update of OSMC?

You have to wait for a software update yes. No date for this release has been set yet.

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