Jerky GUI on Vero 4k+ file library

Hello guys,

This is my first post, and maybe somebody can reproduce this behavior too.

I´ve my Vero 4k+ since january this year and i´m very happy with it except for one thing:

When i go to “my OSMC” menu, open the “Remote” section, and go straight back to Kodi or OSMC, doesn´t matter, my library scrolling is smoother than bevor.

This was under 3.14 and 4.9 now as well.

Can please anybody try this and tell me if it happens also ?



If you haven’t set your GUI to 1080p, but are running at 4K, change that first.
Next would be listing the skin you are using.

Already set since january.

I‘m using the kodi standard skin, but happens also on the osmc skin.

The thing I noticed is when I update my libraries (scanning for new titles) the navigation animations at the home screen gets jerkier until I restart the device. I’m also using the Kodi default skin.

Restart do not help, only open Remotes und myOSMC makes it smoother again.

This log is a month old, but unchanged.
I had already a chat with Sam a month ago.
He told me clearing the Kodi database which didn´t help.

It has only to do with the Remotes section under MyOSMC.
Only by opening this and going back did the trick.

Maybe i´m the only one who notice this :roll_eyes:

I see that your remote is not being seen as a keyboard (as it currently should) until after you open the My OSMC add-on. There is also a system keymap that doesn’t look quite right. I would recommend backing up Kodi with My OSMC, Perform a clean OS install, and then restore Kodi from the backup.

Hm, thats strange. I have always made a clean install without backup anything. Nor didn’t i change anything about keymap or remote. I could try once more, but i’ m sure it doesn’t change anything because i had made a clean install bevor i postet the log a month ago :thinking:

It wasn’t completely clean as this wouldn’t be there without activating it…

====================== lircd.conf =================== kdgLUcwP
# brand:                     OSMC
# model no. of remote control:
# devices being controlled by this remote:
---------------------- lircd.conf END --------------- kdgLUcwP

Which i’m sure someone here who knows more about eventlircd than I do could tell you how to remove it, but since i’m also seeing this…

LoadMappings - loaded node ""

It’s making me think there might be more going on. You don’t have to backup and restore anything if you don’t want, but as your issue seem to come from the system files, and the My OSMC add-on backup is just Kodi, I think you can get rid of your problem without going through the hassle of starting from scratch with your setup and Library.

Maybe i should try an older version bevor january and see if that can help.
Installing from scratch isn’t a problem for me. I’ll post a new log.

An older version is going to be completely different as we have recently transitioned from using eventlircd to keyboard input to providelong-press support. Your issue appears to me that it is using the old method (why I don’t know) until you open My OSMC, which it should not be doing.

should i try the recovery mode (pressing the button on the back side with a pen) for reinstalling ?

No, just follow the normal directions. The recovery mode is only for when something goes wrong and the normal method isn’t working.

I have now made a fresh install. Nothing changed. I haven‘t yet installed my library.
I can only get a relatively fluid GUI experience when i first open Remotes and nothing else under myOSMC. Anybody else must experience the same except my vero4k+ has an other hardware.

It is more noticable by turning of slide animations and background images.
Perhaps the gui needs more power.
I need the next vero :wink:

I remember your ticket but can’t think of anything that could cause this.

Are you trying with the OSMC skin?


You have a jeky UI with no artwork or library? You turn off animations and fanart and it gets worse? Is there any way for you to take a short video of this with a cell phone of something and post a link to where we can view it?

EDIT: This may be a bit of a long shot but can you plug the Vero directly into the TV and verify it still does the same thing?

No, not more worse, only more noticeable in the better direction, smoother. If slide animation and background pictures turned off it gets better. The GUI seems to be very hungry. Go to myOSMC, open Remotes and then just scroll over the osmc logo in the center. It beheaves more fluidly, open an other icon and try again, it becomes jerkier. And this is also unter the osmc and kodi standard skin.