Jerky playback and no sound on some videos

Those are already displayed further back in this topic. Along with ones that have no problems.

The audio/video sync issue is consistent throughout all of my files

After testing the April update, I have found that the problem with playing many videos with AC-3 sound, remains. Is this a problem for any one else? And is it something you guys are looking into?
I must say I’m really sad still not being able to use the Vero as my primary media player

I believe we have addressed most playback issues in the last update.

If you’re still having problems some fresh logs will help



First two files are not playing any sound. The third is playing fine.


Is this one of the affected files?

I’d like to see MediaInfo output on it. Kodi believes it to be 50fps, which seems odd for this kind of ‘rip’.

We’re treading a fine line on legality of your rip, but I’d like to know if it’s a poor encode or an issue with Vero.


That’s strange. The file seems to be 25 fps.

The Pi1 with the same version OSMC handles everything just fine.

Kodi will by default output 25fps content at 50hz even if the TV supports a 25fps HDMI mode. (Which most do)

This can be overridden in advancedsettings.xml however to force 25fps content to output at 25hz - usually there is no visual difference doing so though as 50hz is exactly 2x 25.

But that doesn’t explain why there’s no sound, right?

We would need to know more about your setup and your configured audio settings

Audio settings are default as far as I’m aware.
My setup is audio through HDMI to a Samsung TV, and from there, analog audio to a stereo amp.
Is that what you meant, or do you need specifics?


We definitely need specifics. I haven’t heard any other reports of this issue, so the more information we have the better.

If your TV supports passthrough, I would recommend enabling that. If it doesn’t, you should make sure passthrough is not enabled.


Sure. So what would you like to see? Is there perhaps a settings file or something I could copy and show you?

I have tried that, same result.

I believe @THEM had a similar problem. We discussed it earlier in this topic. Don’t know if he found a solution though. It’s this topic

I don’t believe he experienced an issue where some videos had no sound at all. Some stuttering was caused by the decoder being starved and that has been worked on. This also fixed long startup times using LibNFS

I need to see the audio settings you have configured in Kodi. Set the Settings level to Expert and take a screenshot

What he said :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry @TL81, the problems I had weren’t, unfortunately, what you seem to be experiencing :frowning:.

I’m sure the OSMC team will get everything working for you :slight_smile:.

@THEM No problem :slight_smile:

@sam_nazarko Please let me know if you need more.

My suspicion is your TV doesn’t handle AC3 bitstreaming. Try untick ‘Dolby Digital AC3 receiver’ and see if that helps


Many (most ?) TV’s do not support AC3 bitstreaming over HDMI - it’s generally only AV Receivers that do.

I have a 48" Samsung UE48H6700 and it does not support AC3 bitstreaming over HDMI. All it supports is two channel PCM - and this is pretty common.

So disable AC3 passthrough in your Kodi settings, which will allow Kodi to downsample AC3 files to stereo.

Well this is strange indeed. I tried disabling ‘AC3 receiver’ but leaving passthrough enabled. At first there was no change, so I turned off the Vero. Then this morning I booted it again, and now there was sound all of the sudden. After I stopped the video and left the Vero idle for a few minutes, the sound disappeared again.

Was this playing the exact same file in both situations?

If you disable AC3 receiver and you don’t have a DTS receiver you need pass through to be completely disabled

Yes, the same file.

I had passthrough disabled before. Only enabled it to see if it worked.

In fact I have to shut down the device completely (cut power) to get sound after startup, a simple reboot won’t do. Even then I only get sound if I play the file immediately after startup. Idling the system for just a few minutes, and the sound is gone again.