July 13th shipping?


Hi all, 1st post on here. I maybe jumping the gun here a little bit but I ordered a vero 4k from the official site and they said they would ship on the 13th of July with a 15% discount ( which I got, thanks! ) but I’ve not had any email confirming shipping, just wondered if anyone else is in the same boat.


I would say a few of us are. Sam has been on holiday and is only back today. I read him say orders would start to go out tomorrow however I’m not sure if that includes the vero 4k


I got back this afternoon so it will be business as usual tomorrow.

However we still don’t have Vero in stock at this time. I will email everyone who’s preordered on Tuesday morning to provide more information about what’s going on




Ok thanks Sam, very much looking forward to getting the vero 4k.



Any news about Vero4K ?


If you have placed an order on the website then you should receive some information via email in a couple of hours