Slight shipping delays expected after sales reopened

Since the 4k is back in stock (last Monday), there has apparently been a large number of orders and things are slowly settling down, from what I heard. So if others are, like me, wondering what’s up with your order, know that you’ll receive a tracking number when your order is actually shipped.

This happened before of course, and I guess it’s to be expected:

I just thought I’d share this info here I got from support to alleviate their work, I hope that’s alright. :wink:

Specifically, I was told my order would probably ship within the next 48h at which point I’ll receive a tracking number.


Update: I got the confirmation email, sending me to a form where I can “track” my order, but the “track” button says “Sorry, the order could not be found”, presumably this will be fixed with time…

Second update: I finally received the device on Friday the 25th. I ordered it on the 14th, so it took about 11 days, end to end. which isn’t bad. :slight_smile:


We just have to wait. If they have a large number of orders it is natural that dispatch will take some time. They are not robots.

Sure. That’s what I was meaning to imply - I just figured it would be good to let other people know here.

Sure, bro. :slight_smile: