Vero 4K + shipment details (08/08/18)



We have now caught up on all orders. Many thanks for your patience and understanding while we got through this.

18th September

All orders (including those placed today) are expected to be fulfilled within 10 days

17th September

65% of orders have now shipped
Backlog should be cleared within 14 days.

10th September

We have now fulfilled 40% of orders.
The tool will be up shortly.

3rd September

We have now fulfilled just over 20% of outstanding orders over the weekend. We still have units in stock which we are packaging.

We will receive an additional batch of units on Wednesday as well, so there will be no disruption in shipping.

31st August 2018

We have resumed shipping now. We received half our units as UPS ran out of room in their vans. The rest will arrive on Monday.

I will soon be able to give precise dispatch dates and will make a tool available for this in a few days.

30th August 2018

We have units in Stanford Le-Hope, UK which is UPS’ big UK hub. With any luck, we’ll get them tomorrow. I don’t want to get hopes up though, and Monday looks more realistic. We expect more units to trickle in next week.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

29th August 2018

It looks like the customs debacle is now over. After nearly two months, our next major shipment is now in free circulation, so we expect to get these very soon and start packing orders again.

Thanks for your patience. The ‘On Time’ message is quite humorous.

23rd August 2018

We now expect to resume shipping on the 28th - 30th August when UPS deliver both batches (air and rail) of devices. We will then provide a tool to track order dispatch ETAs.

20th August 2018

The ten working days have passed, and it looks like the next batch is about to clear customs within the next 24 hours.

8th August 2018

I wanted to give another shipment update with some news. Good and bad.

We shipped some devices, and then we ran out of them. I suspect we’ll be seeing some happy customers on the forum shortly.

We are making enough units, but we aren’t getting them quickly enough. So that we could keep a competitive price, we employed a rail route to import our products. This saves costs and the environment. But it is slower. Imports in to the EU via rail are very strict and take time.

We expect our next batch of devices to clear customs in 10 working days and we have a batch of devices behind that. And another batch.

I am happy to answer any questions or give you any information. Unfortunately what I am not able to do currently is speed up this process. It would be a shame but it is completely understandable if anyone would like a refund for their order. You can do this by emailing with your order # or raising a support request via My OSMC.

I would like to thank people for their patience. I am overwhelmed by some of the responses via our support system. Some people asked for their shipment to be sent later to keep other customers happy. That is very noble, but we will keep shipping on a first come, first served basis.

When we’re ahead of this, I’ll do a write up on importing by rail from China. I suspect it will make for some interesting reading.

Thank you for supporting OSMC.


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Thank you!
OSMC's August update is here - OSMC

Thank you very much for the update. I have faith and won’t be cancelling anything. I hope people appreciate the honesty as well.


No need to cancel anything.
In the meantime I keep enjoying my great Vero 4K.


I think people will appreciate honesty over fast shipping. The first is very valuable and rare,the second is not.


That is what I always like with Sam & Co. (actually, the entire OSMC Team). They tell us what happens …
If only 5% of the companies on this planet were like that, it would be a better place.

Thx again Sam. I have 3 other Vero generations to play with in the meantime! :smiley:


I have old Vero (2?) since 2016 and also OSMC on Rpi, both work nicely. I have no need for Vero4k+ but I ordered it anyhow just to support the project. No problem with waiting some weeks. Appreciate your open approach, other companies would be hiding and fabricating about supply issues.


While I agree with the previous posts, I think the information policy could be even better.

Let me explain:
I have ordered my device on June 27 expecting it to be shipped around July 13.
Only on July 17 I received an email about the Vero4k upgrade and an delay until the 24th.
The Vero 4k+ announcement was saying shipment would start Monday (30th) and because I did not think many people order a vero between June 20 and June 27 I was expecting my device rather soon. Since then I have been checking the forum multiple times a day, only to read that there aren’t enough devices ready after another one and a half week. This is kind of frustrating.

I am eagerly awaiting it to set it up, tweak it and play with it. But I am not in a desperate need for the device right now, since my TVs smart TV function is still working quite ok
So I am ok to wait, especially since it sounds like the best choice on the market and it is belonging to a open source project and the support from Sam (and the rest of the OSMC team) seems great.

Still, to reduce frustration you could send such information out earlier. You must have seem this coming for a couple of days. Same for the postponement from July 13 to 24.
Maybe it would have a negative side effect in form of a slightly reduce number of orders, but I think you have got more than enough.


I’m more than happy to wait, just keep us updated when you can.


Now that would be an interesting adventure, the old Silk Route has come back to life a trip worth taking :).
I am also happy to wait , as the saying goes " Good things come to those who wait "



I agree with …
But Sam now you have all informations, and perhaps you can tell us, not the delivery day of our order, but perhaps the “batch arrival” time of “our” box.
I dream since long time to try a Vero4x GB box…


Thanks for the info Sam.

Can you tell us how many units are in each ‘batch’ ? This may give us better understanding of when we may possibly be getting our units.

Also you mention that you have further ‘batch’s’ on the way after this next one, what sort of time frame separates each of these??

Note: I only ordered my + yesterday so I realise I won’t be getting it for a while :slight_smile:


Noted. I found out on Monday morning that there were delays to the import processing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to anticipate the increased delays. It seems that the EU are getting quite strict on imports over this summer, and they are checking that the description on the waybill and customs forms indeed match the contents and value of the goods. I’ve never really understood why some companies undervalue their imports. It doesn’t save money and it exposes you to problems from an insurance perspective if you have problems (loss or damage).

Once we get the next batch in, we’ll likely increase the price for a while to reduce the number of orders being placed until we are back on top of things.

There are two types of batch:

  • A manufacturing batch which is very large. These take a long time to arrange, so we divide them in to smaller shipping batches to keep things flowing.
  • A shipping batch which consist of 5000 devices in the form of 125x40pcs boxes at 10KG. This is the best balance between time from factory and transport and import costs.

They are two weeks apart. I have arranged the production for more devices with delivery schedules all the way up to early December, so once we get some more units in, things should flow well.

Once we get these in we can catch up on these orders fast. Forgot to mention: the next 5000 will ship by air so that we are able to alleviate this shortfall.




Hi and Thanks Sam for this update.

It doesn’t mater for me, i can wait!
Sure I would have prefered to have it next day I placed my order…like a child with its toy, but The most important is to have this new Vero fully workable, so I prefer to wait and that you do all is possible to dispatch carrefully.

Thanks and sorry for this bad English of a french guy !


My order from the US was on July 25th, so I’ll keep y’all posted soon as I receive a shipping email notice.


I appreciate that, as it will also give other customers who may be concerned some relief.



Mine in the US was also July 25th, at around 8am PT. Given that I only have a couple of regular Vero 4K units, naturally my life will not be complete till the 4K+ are with me. :smiley:


It would be good to know up to what date of orders you have managed to send out already. I have seen that asked in a number of times before and I believe it would be help a lot with people


What good would this do. As it’s been said in other threads here, the order number varies by region, so knowing what the last order number shipped would not tell you anything.

And if you want Sam to tell everyone where they are in the queue, not many orders are going to be shipped.

I hope you didn’t order a Tesla Model 3…


Order numbers have nothing to do with it. It has been stated previously that orders are shipping in the order they were received so knowing which day you are up to let’s us gauge are we in this 2 week bracket or waiting for another month or even longer.


Thanks for the update!
No cancellation for me ! I’ll look forward to get mine !! After the 4K+ announcement, I finally decided myself to get my first Vero to replace the Pi 3. :blush: