Thank you!


After the shipping debacle, I’m happy to say that we’ve managed to get on top of the Vero 4K + shipping backlog. We’re now dispatching orders within the usual (same to next day) timeframe.

It’s been a month of constant shipping.

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. I’m astounded by how few cancellations we received. While I can completely appreciate that the extended timeframes didn’t meet everyone’s requirements or expectations, I am still stunned at how few requests there were for refunds. You were happy to wait a little longer as long as you were kept updated; and this helped us crack on with things without another thing to worry about.

Thanks once again for your support. Your orders fund the future development of OSMC. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to work on OSMC.

Back to work. We’ve a lot planned.





Hi, can I have a refund? Enjoying my Veros this much should be illegal, and therefore I can’t in good conscience pay hard-earned money for them.


Well done, matey! Will you finally get a good night’s sleep, now?

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I thought I would, but there’s plenty of work to do, so I’ve jumped straight back in.


Glad to hear it!


Hi Sam,
is there any sort of OSMC roadmap where you can disclose future HW/SW developments?

At the risk of sounding sycophantic could I say a thank you to you and all at OSMC too for all your hard work over the past months.
I think most of us here realise you are a small project and were prepared to wait for our orders.
I must say despite all your shipping problems the support and help to this community has still been exceptional.
If only all companies in this modern world could be as dedicated as the OSMC team.



The roadmap is guided heavily by community feedback.

For now we are focusing on the software side of things more.


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Have you thought about having a page on the website where you present some options - things you could potentially work on - and get people to vote on what they think you should look at first?

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If friends and family give you a hard time for working too much, just work even more. You won’t be around to hear them complain.

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My thought as well. It will bring all information about this to one focal point. As it is, they are scattered throughout multiple threads. I have been waiting, for 16 months, for Blu-ray menu support & 3D frame-packed output. I know that those two topics have been discussed before but have no idea where we are with them. A central page, as suggested, will be a focal point for all.


Aside from anything else, I think it can be difficult to gauge the demand for something if you wait for people to ask for it. People won’t ask for something if they haven’t thought of it, or even if they have thought of it but went on to assume that it probably isn’t technically possible.

Plenty of people will get fired up about something once they find out that it’s an option.

That would get my vote. :slight_smile:

Hi chaps,

Experience tells me that the most vocal users aren’t necessarily representative of our user base. Some issues are also platform specific. Keep in mind that the number of OSMC users is well in to 7 digits. That’s a lot of people, all with different ideas of what is important to them.

We’re reworking the website and I do plan to present a “What would you like to see improved in OSMC” dialogue on Download pages etc with a slider.

I make sure to read every single post on this forum; even if I can’t always guarantee a personal reply. As such, I hopefully get a good idea of feature requests and how to balance them.

Blu-ray support via Leia has been available for about 16 months. BD-J isn’t possible however and won’t be for the foreseeable future.

I’ve covered the state of and when we will re-visit FP in the big old 3D thread.

Thanks again,


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Had to Google what BD-J meant and see that it is for ‘bonus’ content on discs. I have no interest in that. What I would like is that when I press Play, that instead of being taken to a long list of files & having to figure out which is the main movie, that the main movie starts playing automatically.

Do you mean that does happen in Leia (Kodi v18)? The Vero 4K is on v17.6, I think. As I am not one to load on experimental Kodi versions, when can we expect Leia to be available for all Vero 4K boxes?

I will now go and try to find the post you mention in the…big…old 3D thread.

When Kodi v18 is stable, we’ll release it. For now, Kodi v18 is experimental. But BD menu support has been available in this manner since early 2017.

We only release stable software in our regular monthly updates; but we regularly release nightly builds for those that wish to test

We’ve had a chat about this before in the 3D thread. Can’t find the link off the top of my head.

You should be receiving a notification for every single reply on that thread.


I’ve been using Kodi since XBMC on the original Xbox. I’ve had countless machines over the years.

I can honestly say this has been the best little Kodi Box I’ve had. The HDR support is spot on.

Looking forward to future products :wink:

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