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OSMC's August update is ready with some small improvements to keep your device in good working order. This update features a large number of fixes and improvements. We have also been busy in the background working on the Vero 4K + shipping backlog

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As always, thanks for the updates Sam.

Has there been any progress on the Vero’s HDR autoswitching? I get bored having to manually set 4:4:4,10bit all the time.

I’m going to publish a new build for this in a couple of days for testing.

If you’re manually enabling the output, you only need to do this once however and it will be persistent.


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Is there a way to make is persistent on V4k reboots? (Have to reboot V4k whenever file server is rebooted).

To make HDR persistent, or to make file mounts persistent?
How are your shares mounted?

The HDR change.

My shares are mounted with Fstab. I’m aware there’s a guide for “auto fstab” or some such thing which should hopefully fix the thing where the v4k freezes when accessing shares after the file servers been rebooted.

For now, you can go to My OSMC -> Updates -> Manual Controls -> Apply Hotfix and enter:


This will make it persistent.



With the new update, I have to turn on the Force RGB option otherwise the screen has the Red-Tint problem. Now, my setup is a bit different. I am running the Vero 4K in a closet and is connected to an 8x8 hdmi multiswitch:


This only happens on 1080P or less. When I put it on 4K it seems fine.

Anything I should try?

Try updating again. There was a bug which was corrected last night.

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@grahamh Thanks, that did it!

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After update on RPI 1 model b got knocking sound everywhere. I guess it caused by bad performance, list scrolling is not so smooth as it was. How can i uninstall this update?
P.S. Tryed overlocking and hotfix from [deprecated].
UPD: During boot line “failed to start /etc/rc.local compatibility” pops up.

Please start a new forum post with some logs so we can resolve this for you.


That hotfix was suggested for HDR changes for Vero 4K. As you aren’t using a Vero and the Pi doesn’t support HDR, this change will cause problems on your Pi. You should revert this.



I updated my raspberry pi 1 yesterday morning and it’s unusable. It lags everywhere. Menus, video playback,…
Could you please give it a look on rpi1?
I guess that the update “Fixed an issue which could cause poor playback performance under load on Raspberry Pi devices” caused issues in RPI1.


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