Shipment of vero (ordered on 01/14/19)

Hi there,

after using Intel NUCs with Kodi for the past 4 years I finally decided to buy two vero 4K+ last Monday (January 14th). Unfortunately I already sold my NUCs today via eBay since I was hoping to get the Veros quickly delivered.

Unfortunately they seem not even to have been shipped by now (Staus on the order page says „processing“). I already sent an E-Mail to two days ago but didn‘t receive an Feedback by now (maybe you didn‘t get the Mail?)

So i just want to ask politely when i can expect delivery of my order from last Monday?

Sorry for being so Impatient, but being without kodi makes me feel uncomfortable :wink:

Best regards from Germany

What’s the order number?

I’m catching up on emails right now.

We should be caught up on all orders from 14/01 within 48 hours.


Hi, I have the same question too. My order number is #22483. In the account it says processing till today. Thanks.


Same answer as above :slight_smile:


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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your prompt reply. You also answered my E-Mail last night (just in case you didn‘t match the queries).

I really appreciate that you took the Time to look into this. Will be impatently waiting for my order to be delivered and enjoy the thrill of anticipation :wink:

Kind regards

Ps. Just for the sake of completeness my orderno is [22489]

We’re catching up on orders fast, so there’s not much waiting to do.


Hello, Sam.

Thank you for your work, is there any estimate on when orders from 15th January will be dispatched (and tracking codes sent)?

All orders from the 15th January have shipped.



I see, but no tracking info arrived into my e-mail box. :slight_smile: Should I just wait? My order no is #22532 if that’s rellevant.

Tracking information usually appears after the first scan.
Currently Royal Mail have an outage with their tracking system; it should be fixed later today.

OK, perfect thank you for amazingly fast info.