June update seems to have broken Netflix add-on

After installing the June update, the Netflix add-on is no longer able to connect successfully - I get an error saying “check your credentials”. Netflix sends me an email telling a new device has signed in (presumably successfully), but the add-on then behaves as if the login were invalid.

Have you updated the Netflix add-on the last 4 days? Cuz Netflix changed the way to authenticate, so the add-on needs updateing to 0.14.5 or older version 0.13.23. Uninstall Netflix add-on and download my netflix-prep script again and run it.

I was still running 14.3 - updating to 14.5 fixed the issue. Thanks.

Is there any way to get the plug-in to auto-update? Uninstalling it and re-running the script each time I want to upgrade is going to get annoying.

Let me get back to you for a link, it’s just past 3 am here and i’m cross eyed with lack of sleep.

Edit: Found it, for version .0.14.x: https://github.com/castagnait/repository.castagnait/raw/master/repository.castagnait-1.0.0.zip

The 0.13.x is a bit slower to update, https://github.com/kodinerds/repo/raw/master/repository.netflix/repository.netflix-1.0.1.zip