Just got my Vero 4K + mistery extra cable

Dear @sam_nazarko,

My Vero 4K just arrived today during my lunch break :slight_smile: and I had a very quick look at the box and the accessories. I was expecting everything except a long cable with what seems to be an IR receiver on one end and a headphone jack on the other. I then checked the box and it has 2 headphone jacks, however they are not labelled, therefore I don’t know where to plug it or what it is for.

This looked a bit strange, specially given that the remote still came with a small RF dongle.

Could someone please explain what the other accessory is for?

Many thanks,


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That is brilliant. My preferred method of controlling it is with the TV remote through HDMI CEC, however I’ve also briefly tested the small remote that came with it was nice.

Could you maybe let me know which of the two back jacks should be used for this IR extender? As they’re not labelled I have no clue where I should test it in.

As for the rest, thanks a million for all the support and for including me in the weekend offer :wink:

I’ll post some comparisons with the pi3, as I have both of them running Kodi specially for my IPTV setup.

The one nearest the corner is the IR.

The other one is for stereo output. You can use a 3-pole jack, but if you use a 4-pole the pinout is left-right-video-ground, while most cables are left-right-ground-video.

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Thank you @grahamh, can’t wait to go home and play with it :slight_smile:

In much the same boat as @johev83; what would really help would be to annotate the diagram on the front of the User manual with labels and appropriate call-outs. OK, it clutters up the diagram but this is a manual, not a sales tool. Specs would be good too; that way, we wouldn’t need to ask these questions…