Just one tv show wont play

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/digaqomalu

Using plex connect I have tested every show I have, but it appears the one about a yellow family wont. It just seems to time out.

I assumed it was a number of seasons and episode thing but dr.who classic and SG-1 are about the only thing I have that has nearly 30 seasons and they both play with out pause.

Its also all 20+ season all different quality. Some DVD and Some Blu-ray. Getting very lost for solutions a this point.

Did you restore a Kodi backup from another device?
Can you change the device from something other than Default under Audio Settings

Do you know if it worked on the 3.14 kernel?



Howdy Sam,

No restore, Wiped the settings of kodi and installed the new kernel trying to fix this. So can confirm that it was not working on the 3.14 kernel.

I have also test the files on my iPad with Infuse player, Windows desktop with VLC and Plex Web interface and MacBook with VLC. Works and starts almost instantly on all these.


Can you change the audio settings?


Changed to my second option using ARC and only have TV speakers. Audio of files is AC3 5.1 and still just have the spinning blue circles.