Kodi 17.6 ignores advancedsettings.xml


I’ve just recently updated to Stretch build, and with that from Kodi 17.5 to 17.6. One thing I’ve noticed is that the advancedsettings.xml file seems to be ignored. I use it for parameter to sort my ‘recently added films’ by file time/date rather than scan time.

Anyone else notice this, and is there a way for me to downgrade Kodi back to 17.5?

Your help is appreciated.

A debug log will show how Kodi is parsing the file.

Downgrading isn’t possible unfortunately.


See log below. It would appear to be parsing it but simply ignores it.


Is anyone else able to test?

I don’t see where you are setting that option.


As I say, it had all been working wonderfully for months / years before Kodi 17.6.

Opps, I missed that. But isn’t that the default? My recently added is by last added.

Just for fun, try another skin to see what happens. (I use Transparency!)

I ended up deleting the “myVideos.db” file under .kodi/userdata/Database and rescanned the library, all is working correctly again so perhaps the database file got corrupted somehow

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Odd. You may want to keep an eye on the SD card, it could be failing.

probably noob question for @digitalis :
mmmmm… you use the test sources for obtain 17.6 of kodi ?

The answers it’s yes… and it’s here → [TESTING] Debian Stretch upgrade for OSMC :slight_smile: