Kodi 18 Released

Kodi have released the stable version of Kodi 18 Leia. I know gmc has been busy working away on the OSMC version (keep up the good work!) Is there any time scale as to when we can expect to see a stable release of OSMC 18?


It will be rolled out as a stable update when it’s ready.

I might wait for 18.1 as Leia has not been branched yet.


Now I’m excited! I’ll be waiting impatiently!

Looking forward when Kodi 18 is released on OSMC :sunglasses:

@sam_nazarko Kodi 18.1 is out now. But please keep a 17.6 Version in your installer and do not force people to switch because i’m afraid not everything is working perfectly now.

Thanks for your great work.

Kodi 18.0 is out now.
There is no 18.1 release

We will handle the releases in the same way we have done for previous versions.


will there be instructions on switching from the test builds to the stable 18.0/18.1 builds?

assume its just a case of removing this from sources.lst?

deb http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc-18 gmc-18 main

You won’t even need to do that (although that would be good practice) the released version will have a higher version number so will replace what you have now

Looking forward to the stable release sometime soon for my osmc RPi3b :slight_smile: Been waiting for it for a very long time. I thought the test releases so far have proven very stable. I haven’t tested leia test builds on RPi, but on x64 I can tell it’s rock solid

You will simply receive an update notification, with a message that it’s a major upgrade.

You can then choose to accept or to defer the update



i was talking about apt, i don’t use the gui update, but what jb2cool says makes sense

Good luck Sam and the rest of the crew!
It will probably be the busiest time to get this released.

Retroplayer gaming and associated game control support

One of the big features of this release: support for gaming emulators, ROMs and controls. This is a significant topic in its own right, so look out for future posts on this, but suffice it to say at this time that you now have a whole world of retro gaming at your fingertips, all from the same interface as your movies, music and TV shows. For the genuine experience as well, we’ve also introduced support for joysticks, gamepads, and other platform-specific controls, so the games will work just as was intended.

This might be the end for @mcobit’s RetrOSMC solution of embedding a full RetroPie into OSMC and having to switch between it and OSMC. Quite excited for this. All other changes sound sweet as well. Let’s see what the next weeks will show us. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it sam_nazarko take your time and get it right

I’m running the trial version on my vero4k in the living room and it’s been brilliant… I’ve left the kids ones stock as I couldn’t put up with there moaning if it stopped working lol.


Still a few things to work out but it’s not far off. It’s best to get things right. As the development took 2 years, it’s only right to take a few days extra.


Perfectionist! It’s why we love ya :kissing_heart: LMFAO.

18.1 RC1 is out so we are getting closer, i assume.

Yes. I believe v18.1 final should be ready next weekend. We will have some test builds before then



No indication on when we can expect the stable version yet?
Keep up the good work!