Kodi 18 Released

This simple fact is why I cannot understand all the whining and crying in this thread.

What do people really think this magical official release is going to include that the test builds don’t?


if its so not worth it then why is the team working so hard on it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hyperbole, yes? That says it all. There is nothing to add then. A shame of a statement…

Flashing custom ROMs to an unlocked phone is a wildly different scenario than what we are talking about here. You are now trying to compare apples to oranges. So if you want to unlock the Vero and ask some XDA kanger who has nothing better to do than tweak a custom OS for you guys…

Interesting… I wonder how large their budget and workforce are that allow this level of transparency? Again, your premise is not quite on equal footing me thinks.

Oops… I just remembered it’s not… I actually do take the walleye builds directly from Google to flash along with Magisk and TWRP each month. Besides, carrier locked phones are just so boring, don’t you agree?

Wow… Neat…

Are there users of your developed software pinging you 8 times a day to get updates on the new comic sans font implementation?

It’s very clear that you are the insulted one here sir, hence the wall of text annunciating your feelings so clearly and succinctly.


I’m more of the patient type and I don’t care if it takes longer when there is a carefully tested release coming after that. But I guess people are different and not everyone checks Discourse. After the release of Kodi18 it was pretty clear that Vero owners are curious about what’s going on. Personally I’d have taken the time to address this once in the blog although from my perspective that time is better spent on developing. But as seen here not everyone shares that perspective.



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Absolutely. I’ve no idea why you decided to compare OSMC development with development of smartphone software in the first place, it’s a silly comparison. But you decided to, because you think that people who develop phone software don’t post regular news updates, and this means it’s reasonable for you not to post them. I pointed out that your comparison is doubly invalid, because phone software teams of approximately the same size as the OSMC team in fact do post regular news updates. And you’re now trying to argue against me by pointing out that your own comparison was invalid in the first place?

Okay. I don’t have time for this, and you shouldn’t have time for this. If you took even half of the energy you waste on insulting your customers and devoted it to actually working on OSMC or actually dealing with customer issues in a half-way professional manner, your customers probably wouldn’t have very many complaints.

So, shall we stop derailing the thread with idiotic comparisons and get it back on topic? That would be peachy.

No, because being a professional, I make that information available the first time someone asks.


I see your weak attempt to throw my valid and comparable comparison of transparency in OSMC development and carrier provided mobile OS updates (baby) out with your flawed premise of conflating the issue with the diametrically different custom phone ROM scene (bathwater). Anyone who has ever rooted a carrier provided device will clearly understand the difference. I hope your attention to detail is a bit sharper in your job as software developer.

Really? How many people do you think are actually on the team? You are quite delusionial if you think we have anywhere near the infrastructure, PR support, monetary support, developers, as ANY top tier mobile OS developer. That is the most absurd thing you could possibly have said…

Ha! You must a developer among gods! Nothing upstream and/or out of your control can have any effect on your final product, eh? Can we hire you to bang this v18 thing out for us? A man of your talent should be able to push an update by when, lunch?

@k2u3 :laughing:

Closing this. The thread has runs its course.