Kodi 18 Released

Absolutely not true. Everyone of those Kodi updates did a database migration. Have a look on the Kodi site about it for more info.

Easily debunked…


When kodi migrates a MySQL DB it does not destroy your previous information. If you have any kind of an issue with the conversion all you need to do is drop the newly converted set (ie myvideos116) and the next time you open kodi it will convert it over again. Kodi has never deleted any of the old data.

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If this is the reason for the latency, then why is there no official statement on the info or blog page? Does anyone really thinks that not informing is causing something else then discomfort and anger? I have a vero 4k+ at home, and i am not sure if I maybe putted my money in the oven.
Its not about stressing, its abour wanting to know. The missing information is the problem, not the needed time for the development of a save and good product.

Would really writing a post each day saying the same thing over and over again make any difference? Come on.

Same is true for Your kind of answer. With wich you’re missing the point. Last blog entry is from 1st January, just have that in mind.

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If there is no new blog post, it means there are no updates. There will be one once Kodi 18 will be released for OSMC. Simple.
Asking the same questions over and over won’t speed up things.

If you don’t need any of the new features that Kodi 18 offers, then it doesn’t matter when it is released in a general update for OSMC.

But, if you really need to move to Kodi 18 on OSMC, you can do it right now via the nightly builds. There will be bugs (some major), but you will also see what has been done.

If you really need Kodi 18 now, but don’t want the bugs, then you’ll have to pitch in yourself and start fixing some of them.

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The fact that both of you, nobody as it seems sees the need or even the sense to write a news says it all.
I will organize myself, probably switching to an odroid and to libre.
At least they give infos about what they do in first place, instead of unwelcoming and sensless comments/answers in the community section.

I suppose if trading better performance for a faster acquisition of Kodi updates (which may only occur in 12 or 24 month intervals) is acceptable to you, then I guess it’s your prerogative to do so.

Out of interest though, I don’t see any requests for support for any issues that may be addressed in v18, actually no requests at all except for in this thread. I’m curious which issue you hope v18 will solve for you?

You’re missing the point, again!
Its not about a faster acquisition of Kodi, its about a lack of information!

So you would be happy if someone just posted every day: ‘We are working on it’?

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So you are simply impatient?

Does your mobile phone carrier also give you precise updates on when the next version of operating system will be pushed to your phone or where they are at in the development process?


Yes. Doesn’t yours?

What carrier? Where can I find these updates? I might want to change carrier.


@gengener I understand that you want some update on a regular basis. Sort of like having a feel for the patient’s pulse to know if the patient is still alive. I’m also like that.

If you know how to read technical terms (I don’t) or if you have the patience to study it (also no for me :joy:), I think this thread can be very helpful. Here you can see what’s being worked on. As you can see, the last update was around 6 hours ago (from the time I wrote this post) and you can see which modules are being changed.

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Hopefully I’ve made the details clear. Apologies if this is not the case. I don’t make blog posts saying that our update is delayed due to problems with an upstream project. This would be inappropriate.

I am sorry we have not met your expectations here and would suggest contacting support@osmc.tv to enquire about returning the product.

Please let me know if you would like any further details, and I’ll answer them with detail.

Vero 4K / 4K + have five year lifecycles. A month to release an update isn’t a concern for our user base and the risk of regression is too high at the moment. With that said, this should be mitigated shortly and we should see a release shortly.




Making a list? Checking it twice? Gonna find out who’s naughty who’s nice? :grin:

You obviously think you’re being clever, but I’m afraid you aren’t.

I flash custom ROMs from the guys over at XDA Developers - software development teams of a comparable size to OSMC, but who provide news updates that are a lot more frequent.

If I weren’t doing that, I would be getting updates directly from the phone’s manufacturer, which in my case is Google - and they are also quite good at providing ongoing updates on the Android road-map.

If you’re depending on the carrier for software updates then your phone must presumably be locked to the carrier, in which case switching carrier isn’t an option. So, however you look at it, that question makes very little sense.

And can I just ask - am I correct in thinking that the shield icon which appears next to some people’s names on here indicates some kind of official affiliation with OSMC? Because, if it does, then the level of unprofessional behaviour on this forum is really quite worrying.

As I mentioned before, I’m a professional software developer; have been for more than twenty years. Sometimes this means dealing directly with customers. Sometimes customers can be a little overwrought; but if you’re a professional you suck that up and you respond politely and with respect, no matter what the provocation.

@gengener’s question was a perfectly reasonable one. The Vero is marketed as a well-supported device - indeed, that is its primary USP. On the blog we’ve had only one news update about new software releases since the end of October, and it’s now nearly the end of March. He made it clear not once but twice that he wasn’t seeking an actual software release, just some kind of news update to let people know what’s happening - one such update in almost five months isn’t that much, and requesting a brief status report once a month or so is hardly outrageous.

And yet, we have @ActionA deciding that the appropriate response to that is to insult him. If I had ever spoken like that to a customer of my company I would have been fired on the spot - and quite right too. Nor is ActionA the only offender in that respect - if you guys want OSMC to get a reputation as a group that patronises and insults its paying customers, you’re going about it the right way.

Would it? Why? Again, in my professional life it has always been the case that, if a deadline is going to slip by two or three months, it’s essential to keep the customers informed; and if the slippage is due to a third party supplier letting us down, keeping our paying customers informed about what’s going on is a lot more important than not embarrassing the supplier.

Not to mention the fact that you are actually publicising that fact - you’re just doing it in a place where customers are less likely to stumble across the information.


The problem here seems to be constant hyperbole. For starters, Kodi v18.1 (which was always the targeted release); was released middle of February 2019. That’s a stark contrast to five months.

V18 is available for those that want to try it today in the form of a test build.