Kodi freeze/stuck on circle logo

Hi, i encountered few times this annoying problem. While watching some movies (on my samba share), totally random (after 1 hour or 2 hour of continuous playback) Kodi hangs, everything hangs on a black screen with a circle blue logo stuck on TV.
I started debugging log. I created a pastebin with the content of debug log.
The only thing i can see is, just before it hangs:
13:06:00.385 T:4112969728 NOTICE: Samba is idle. Closing the remaining connections

My samba share is working, it’s on my NAS (synology ds216j).
Howewer is pretty unusable my vero 4k with this problem, and i don’t know how can i solve. It happened many times. May my Vero be faulty?
I received on September 21st, so i don’t know if i can return it, but it’s pretty unusable with this problem.


You seem to be using kodi smb mounts, you may have better luck using fstab kernal mounted smb shares.

Also kodi video caching may help aswell:


Thanks Tom.

P.S osmc has its own logging facility details can be found here:

I only mention it as the ubuntu hosted one takes quite some time to load.

Thanks Tom.

Thank’s Tom, i will give it a look. I used ubuntu paste only because pastebin wasn’t take my log (too large) and this is the first i found googling.

I don’t know about using fstab kernel, but i think is like a permanent mount external to kodi, inside debian?

Your hardware isn’t faulty. The problem is the device DS216J drops the connection. This can cause Kodi to freeze.

For better results, mount the share via fstab. Let us know if you have any questions about this.

Why you don’t use NFS share

and Synology (DSM 6.1) settings

no map
asynchro yes
port autorise
cross no
That’s work’s for me since years

I’m using samba on my windows machines, for better compatibility/performance. Now i’m giving a try with smb mounted in FSTAB. If problem occurs again i will try to use NFS (never used before).
Will i have to mount NFS share inside kodi, with kodi manager?


You can mount nfs via fstab or using kodi shares. Fstab is better, but the their have been improvements to the kodi nfs shares recently.

Thanks Tom.

First you can do the two ways with Synology NAS I’m sure for 1515+/2415+, and I tink also for D your DS216j.
Use samba with your Win box, and NFS with you Linux (OSMX) box
Fstab or not fstab…
Old discussion, i love peace, I use Kodi share like years it’s work’s fine for me, and like Tom tell some new improvements are coming with the last update.
first take a look to your network search some bottlenecks
then with OSMC (and other Linux Box) use NFS, the most easy way is Kodi sharing, when you have problems try FSTAB (take care for Synolgy settings)
and when after that you have allways problems test your home network


I usually try one thing at once. Now i’m trying your first suggestion of using smb in FSTAB. I removed all of my samba share mounted with kodi manager. I’ll let playback for two-three hours with some videos to see if it freezes again.
I have all router and switch gigabit and the only devices fast ethernet is Vero 4K.
I don’t tested kodi in a win box/pc, but i use samba shares for many other things (as network drive) with my windows machines.
If the problem occurs again i will try with NFS.

By the way you suggested me to work with video cache settings. What specific settings you suggest to use for Vero 4K?


I’m using these settings on my vero4k:


Thanks Tom.

It might be worth us reevaluating these settings for Vero 4K. There’s a lot of available memory and we could take advantage of this to avoid issues when bitrate spikes.

After 3 hours of playback, with the new samba share in FSTAB, i get NO errors. I let it playback for some other hours to test.

Howewer i would better understand that video cache settings. What do you suggest Sam? What are the advantages of use these settings instead of letting it to default?

Leave as is for now. If it works fine, you don’t need to change anything. With that said, following @Tom_Doyle’s instructions are easily revertible if anything went wrong.

We will likely have an update in the future to adjust the default cache settings.


After three hours it did it again :frowning:
STUCK with circle logo.

here’s the log, no “smb is idle” as before, but problem occurs again


I take a photo to show you

I really don’t know why this happens, but it’s so frustrating.

When it freezes, can you SSH in to the device, or is it completely frozen?

Try moving the Kodi directory away temporarily and starting fresh. Also worth disabling any add-ons you have running to rule out a problem there (i.e. IPTV or streaming add-ons)

Issue seems to be caused by this:

SpawnThread - fatal error creating thread

Do you have any background services running?

Good to know if you can SSH in, because then we can check the system logs for the issue.

At the very worst, a reinstall will fix this, but I can understand that isn’t ideal.


ssh was active. By the way after few minutes of frozen display, kodi restarted itself (only kodi not the Vero).

I have pvr iptv addon (with automatic update set to 2800 minutes and NOT when playback is active) and surveillance room addon (an addon for IP CAM) that has a background service.
I can try to disable ip cam addon as first.

I haven’t rebooted if you want to tell me what to check in ssh.

Provide the output URL of grab-logs -A please.



Here it is log from SSH: