Kodi freezes randomly after a day or less normally

I’m sure like many of you I leave my RPI2 with OSMC on all the time.

I’d just like to hear if some of you get the same Kodi freezing issues where when I turn the tv on and grab my lenovo remote I can’t really wake it up (screen stays dimmed and nothing happens).

I do have a lot of stuff installed on OSMC (which is not Kodi related), and have a few scripts running on cron however I doubt that this has something to do with the fact that kodi freezes as that used to happen occasionally even prior to installing all the stuff that I have now.

I run things like: apache2, php scripts, expect scripts, openvpn custom script to HMA(not on all the time), transmission, torrentwatch-x, couchpotato, logwatch, bind9, postfix, the 4 app store apps and maybe some other stuff but that’s the main stuff.

Let me know if anybody experiences random freezes of kodi which requires an OSMC reboot from ssh (which still works when kodi freezes) and I can see the time on the clock stuck when kodi frooze.

What is the best way do you rekon to troubleshoot what’s making it freeze, I don’t suppose there is an easy answer for that probably I know?

I guess what I’m trying to find out if it’s any of my stuff that’s making it freeze or if it is an issue within OSMC itself.

Maybe there is something in the log files that can provide a clue.

Use the Log Uploader function from MyOSMC to upload your logs (including the kodi log from your previous session).

My Vero freezes up, too, but not while idle, only while playing music or video. I’ve recently switched to Wi-Fi connectivity temporarily and wonder if the two are related, as I don’t recall this problem while connected via cable. I’m also experiencing buffer fill pauses and what appear to be brief video output interruptions. My Vero box sits about 6 inches from the wireless AP.

continuing this here as to be honest I forgot about having opened another post already.

Can I merge the two posts somehow?